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Polyamp Electric and thermal conductive materials

Polyamp Electric and thermal conductive materials

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Graphite (Thermal and Electric conductive)
An alternative for mainly high power modules is the T-gon 800 a graphite based material. When mounted the upper surface is ”crushed” providing a very good electrical and thermal joint.  The graphite is conducting very well vertically and can be used to distribute hot spots. T-gon 800 has an extreme operating temperature range of -240 to +300°C. This is a perfect match for new high temperature silicon carbide high power semiconductors that can be used in a more efficient manner. The only drawback is maybe the price and the needed torque that needs to be comparably high.


  • Compact Power supplies, AC/DC and DC/DC.
  • Silicon carbide semiconductors
  • High power LEDs, lasers
  • Motor drives and IGBT modules
  • Hybrid vehicles

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