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TTi TG550 - Frekvenčný generátor s čítačom 5MHz

TTi TG550 - Frekvenčný generátor s čítačom 5MHz

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TG550 - 5MHz Advanced Function Generator

  0.005Hz to 5MHz frequency range
  Built-in 7 digit frequency counter
  Digital frequency lock for exceptional stability
  Simultaneous display of frequency and voltage
    amplitude or offset
  Internal/external AM up to 100%
  Precision internal lin/log sweep  

The TG550 represents the state-of-the-art in 5MHz analogue function generators. It provides very high waveform quality at all frequencies and levels.
The large LCD display provides a digital readout of both frequency and level (peak-to-peak amplitude, rms amplitude or dc offset).

Advanced measurement techniques are used to provide high accuracy with fast update even at low frequencies.

An external counter mode is available which utilises the full width of the display to provide up to seven digits of resolution. A reciprocal counting measurement system is used which ensures high resolution regardless of input frequency. Thus, for example, mains frequency can be measured to a resolution of better than 1mHz.

The TG550 includes a digital frequency locking system that gives it a level of frequency stability that cannot be matched by conventional analogue function generators.

Once the frequency has been set, pressing the Lock key engages a measure-and-correct circuit which compensates for the small thermal and mechanical drifts that inevitably occur in an analogue generator.

The frequency is compared to a crystal controlled reference and is maintained to within 0.01% of the set frequency.
Frequency Range: 0.005Hz to 5MHz in 7 overlapping decade ranges with fine adjustment by verniers.
Vernier Range: 1000:1 on each range.
Operating Range: 0.5Hz to 5MHz with vernier setting within 10% to 100% of range maximum.
Locking Accuracy: Better than 0.01% of displayed value.
LCD, 8 digits (11mm high) plus 14 annunciators
METER FUNCTIONS (generator mode)
Frequency: Auto-ranging reciprocal measurement giving 4 digit resolution for frequencies down to 1Hz; maximum resolution is 0.001Hz. Accuracy ±1 digit 0.2Hz to 5MHz; accuracy ±1% of range below 0.2Hz
Amplitude: Display shows peak-to-peak amplitude or rms value. Display corrected for attenuator setting. 3-digit resolution, accuracy typically 5% of range
DC Offset: 3-digit resolution; accuracy typically ±2% of setting ±1 digit. Display corrected for attenuator setting
MAIN - 50 Ohm
2mV to 20V peak-peak open circuit (1mV to 10V peak-peak into 50Ohms) in four switch-selectable ranges with 20dB vernier control within each range
Attenuator Ranges: 0dB, -20dB, -40dB, -60dB
DC Offset Range: ±10V from 50W. DC offset plus signal peak limited to ±10V (±5V into 50W). DC offset plus waveform attenuated proportionally by the attenuator.
MAIN - 600 Ohm
Alternative output socket offering the same facilities as the 50W socket.
0 to 5V TTL/CMOS logic levels capable of driving 2 standard TTL loads. Frequency, symmetry and phase as main outputs
3V ramp from 600W
Frequency Range: 5Hz to 20MHz, fully autoranging
Input Sensitivity: 50mV rms (sinewave)
Measurement Time: Selectable 0.5s or 5s
Resolution: 6 digits in 0.5s; 7 digits in 5s
Accuracy: ±1 digit ± timebase accuracy
Timebase Accuracy: ±10ppm initial error; ±5ppm/year ageing rate; typically less then 0.5ppm/°C.
Adjustment point for closed-case recalibration
Specifications apply for the top decade of each frequency range and maximum output into 50W termination.
Distortion: <0.5% on 500, 5k and 50k ranges; <1% on 5, 50 and 500k ranges; all harmonics >25dB below fundamental on 5M range.
Amplitude Flatness: ±0.2dB to 200kHz; ±2dB to 5MHz.
Linearity: Better than 99% to 200kHz
Rise and Fall Times: <45ns
Mark - Space Ratio: 1:1 ± 1% to 100kHz
Range: ±10V unterminated
Symmetry Range: Variable typically 1:9 to 9:1 (on top decade of each range), frequency divided by 10.
Sweep Range: >1000:1 within each range.
Sweep Rate: Adjustable, typically 20ms to 20 secs.
Sweep Mode: Linear or logarithmic. Sweep start and stop frequencies displayed by button press.
Input Impedance: 10kW
Input Sensitivity: 0 to 3V for 1000:1 sweep
Max. Input Voltage: ±10V
Sweep Linearity: Better than 1%
Max. Voltage Rate: 0.1V/us
Depth: Variable 0 to 100%
Frequency: 400Hz (internal). DC to 100kHz (external).
External Sensitivity: Approx. 2V peak-to-peak for 50% modulation.
Input Voltage: 230V or 115V nominal 50/60Hz, by internal adjustment; operating range ±14% of nominal. Installation Category II.
Consumption: 25VA max.
Operating Range: +5°C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH.
Storage Range: -10°C to +65°C
Environmental: Indoor use at <2000m, Pollution degree I
Safety: Complies with EN601010-1
EMC: Complies with EN50081-1 & EN50082-1
Size: 260(W) x 88(H) x 235(D)mm (10.2 x 3.4 x 9.2"), excluding handle and feet.
Weight: 1.9kg (4.2lb) approx.
  • frekvencia / šírka pásma: 5MHz
  • generátor: sweep, rozmietanie, FM, AM
  • napájanie: z elektrickej siete
  • počet kanálov: 2

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