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Fluke i5sPQ3 - Sada prúdových klieští

Fluke i5sPQ3 - Sada prúdových klieští

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5A sada prúdových klieští (trojfázové)

A pack of 3 pieces of the i5s current clamps, specially configured to provide low current accuracy while taking measurements on secondary current transformers. This cost-saving 3-pack is perfect for use with 3-phase tools such as the Fluke 434 or Fluke 435.


  • Low level current clamp measures up to 5 A ac
  • Compact shape makes transporting and storing convenient; the clamp measures only 116 x 43 x 23 mm (4. 6 x 1.7 x .9 inches)
  • Take accurate readings without breakings the circuit
  • CAT III 600 V (For insulated conductors only)
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i5sPQ3, 5 A ac Current Clamps, 3-pack
Nominal current range
  5 A
Continuous current range
  10 mA to 6 A
Maximum Non-Destructive Current
  70 A
Lowest measurable current
  10 mA
Basic Accuracy
  48 Hz to 65 Hz
10 mA to 1 A 1% + 5 mA
1 A to 5 A 1%
Useable frequency
  40 Hz to 5 kHz
Output level(s)
  400 mV/A
Input Load Impedance
  1 MΩ in parallel with up to 47 pF
Crest Factor
  ≤ 3, add 0.7% to accuracy
Safety Specifications
  CAT III 600 V per IEC/EN61010-1, Pollution Degree 2
Maximum voltage
  600 V ac
Mechanical & General Specifications
  1 year
Maximum conductor diameter
  15 mm
Output cable length
  2.5 m
BNC Adapter
BNC to banana adapter included

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