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Raytek Marathon MR - IR pyrometer 600º až 3000ºC

Raytek Marathon MR - IR pyrometer 600º až 3000ºC

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  • Temperature measurement range: 600º to 3000ºC (1112º to 5430ºF)
  • High-resolution optical resolution up to 130:1
  • Rugged ratio IR sensor for obstructed or smaller than the field of view targets
  • Features unique "dirty window" alarm
  • Allows for one or two-color functionality

Product Description

The Marathon MR infrared pyrometer measures targets impossible to view with traditional noncontact sensors in harsh, high temperature applications. This ratio IR sensor is designed for targets obstructed by smoke, steam, particulates, or smaller than the instrument’s field of view.

The MR operates in ambient temperatures up to 315°C (600°F) with ThermoJacket enclosure. It supports up to 32 Marathon Series sensors in a single multidrop network. The included Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software enables easy and consistent installation, as well as, configuration and data capture across the following applications:

  • steel and metals processing (foundry/forging operations & heat treating)
  • glass bending, forming, tempering, annealing, and sealing
  • paper processing (ink drying/curing & lamination)
  • plastics processing and thermoforming; and semiconductor processing


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