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Fluke 80 - 50 MHz Function/Pulse Generators

Fluke 80 - 50 MHz Function/Pulse Generators

50 MHz Function/Pulse Generators

Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications, the 80/81 family of 50 MHz waveform generators provides an unmatched combination of powerful operating features and great value. Each model generates sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative pulse waveforms from 10 mHz to 50 MHz with up to 16 Vp-p amplitude into 50 Ohm. With many continuous and non-continuous modes from which to choose, Models 80/81 are ideal for a wide range of test applications.

  • Model 81 pulse/function generator
  • Model 80 function generator
  • Powerful performance
  • AM, FM, VCO, and phaselock/offset control modes
  • Automated calibration
  • Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications
  • HP 8116A emulation mode (81 only)&

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80 Function generator

Model 80 provides Sweep and FM. In addition, the 80 offers linear and logarithmic sweep functions and external FM. This makes the 80 an extremely versatile low-cost function generator.

81 Pulse/function generator

With programmable pulse period, width, and transition times combined with the function generator features common to the 80 family, the 81 provides an impressive set of capabilities for both analog and digital applications.

Store common set-ups

Both the 80 and 81 stores 30 complete front panel setups, allowing easy recall of test set-ups.

Remote operation

Model 80 and 81 include an IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) interface as standard.

Autocalibration optimizes performance

Each Model has an autocalibration feature that allows the user to ensure maximum accuracy each time the unit is used.

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80/81 Function Pulse Generators
Except as noted, specifications apply to Models 80 and 81 Specifications apply after a 20 minute warmup

Standard Waveforms
Standard Waveforms
 Sine, triangle, square, positive and negative pulses, and (Model 80 only) dc

 10 mHz to 50 MHz
 4 digits
Accuracy (Continuous Mode)
10 mHz to 999.9 mHz:± 3%
1 Hz to 50 MHz:± 0.1%
Jitter:=0.1% ± 50 ps

Waveform Quality
Harmonic Distortion (Sine)
100 mHz to 1 MHz:< 1% THD
1 MHz to 5 MHz:Max harmonic < -40 dB
5 MHz to 50 MHz:Max harmonic < -21 dB
10 mHz to 999.9 kHz:± 1%
1 MHz to 9.999 MHz:± 2% ± 2%
10 MHz to 50 MHz:-15%
Triangle and Ramp Linearity
  £ 5 MHz (10% to 90% of Amplitude): > 99%
Square Rise/Fall Time
 (10% to 90% of Amplitude): < 6 ns
Square Aberrations
 < 5%

Pulse & Ramp (Model 81 Only)
Pulse Modes
 Symmetrical pulse, positive pulse, negative pulse, and the complement to all pulse waveforms
Pulse Period
Range:20 ns to 99.99s
Resolution:4 digits
Accuracy and Jitter:As for frequency
Pulse Width
Range:10 ns to 999 ms
Setting Accuracy:10 ns to 99.9ns: ± (5% + 2 ns)
 100 ns to 999 ms: 3% ± (4% + 2 ns)
Resolution:3 digits
Duty Cycle Range:1% to 80%. Up to 99% using the complement mode 0 to 5V ± 20% produces > 10% pulse width change from pulse width setting
PWM Range:dc to 70 kHz
Ramp Modes:Positive or negative going ramp
Ramp Period
Range:7 µs to 99.99s
Resolution:4 digits
Ramp Width
Range:5 µs to 999 ms
Setting Accuracy (5µs to 999ms):3%
Resolution:3 digits
Duty Cycle Range:1% to 80%
Transition Times
Range:8 ns to 99.9 ms in six overlapping ranges. Leading and trailing edges are independently programmable
Max Ratio between Ranges:100 to 1
Accuracy:8 ns to 99 ns: ± (5% + 2 ns)

AM and SCM
 External 0 to 10V produces 0 to 200%
Range:0 to 200%, reduced to 70% at 1 MHz
Bandwidth:dc to 50 kHz
Range:4.7V change produces approx 1000:1 frequency change
Bandwidth:dc to 50 kHz
FM (Model 80 only)
Range:0 to 0.5V change produces 1% deviation
Bandwidth:dc to 50 kHz

Into 501/2:10 mV to 16 Vp-p
Into Open Circuit:20 mV to 32 Vp-p
Resolution:3 digits
Accuracy (at 1 kHz):± 4 % reading

DC Offset
DC Offset
 Offset and amplitude are independently adjustable within two windows:
 -800 mV to +800 mV
 -8V to +8V
± 800 mV Window:± 795 mV
± 8V Window:± 7.95V
 3 digits
Accuracy (At 1 kHz)
± 800 mV Window± (1% of setting + 1% of amplitude + 0.2 mV)
± 8V Window:± (1% of setting + 1% of amplitude + 2 mV)

Main Output
 Normal (on) or disabled (off)
 50Ω ± 1%
Output Protection
 Protected against continuous short to chassis ground

Sync Output
Level (Into 50Ω)
 0 to 1V
Rise/Fall Time
 < 3 ns

Operating Modes
Operating Modes
 Continuous, triggered, phaselock, start phase, and (Model 80 only) sweep

Sweep Operation (80 Only)
 Sweep may be continuous or triggered by any trigger mode
Sweep Spacing
 Linear and logarithmic
Sweep Directions
 Up, down, up-down, and down-up
Sweep Range
Log:10 decades max
Linear:3 decades max
Sweep Rate
Log:10 ms to 999s per decade
Linear:10 ms to 999s
Sweep Out
 0 to 5V ramp proportional to frequency at rear panel BNC
Marker Output:Output signals when marker frequency is reached

Triggered Operation
 Single shot, gated, and burst
 Manual (front panel key), internal trigger rate generator, and external signal input
 For each trigger, one output cycle is generated
 Continuous waveform cycles are generated for the duration of the active portion of the trigger signal. Last cycle is always completed
 Preset number of waveform cycles are generated by a trigger: 1 to 4,000
Manual Trigger
 Key provides trigger signal
Internal Trigger Rate Generator
 1 mHz to 50 kHz
External Input
 Via Trig Input BNC
Impedance:10 kΩ ± 5%
Sensitivity:500 mVp-p
Max Input Voltage± 20V
Min Pulse Width20 ns
Max Frequency:50 MHz
SlopePositive or negative going leading edges
Trigger Level:Variable -10V to +10V
Start Phase of Triggered Waveform
To 500 kHz:Adjustable from -90º to +90º.
From 500.1 kHz to 50 MHz:Adjustable range proportionally reduced as frequency increases
Accuracy (to 500 kHz):± 3º

Phaselock Operation
Phaselock Operation
 Output waveform locks to frequency and phase of external signal. Phase may be offset.
 10 kΩ ± 5%
Min Pulse Width
Locking Range
 10 Hz to 60 MHz
Phase Offset (10 Hz to 19.99 MHz)
 Continuously adjustable from -180º to +180º
Accuracy (1O Hz to 100 kHz)
 3º + 3% of reading

General Specifications
Remote Operation
 GPIB interface is standard on Models 80 and 81. HP8116A emulation mode (Model 81 only)
Operating Temperature:0º to 50ºC, ambient
For Specified Accuracy:Within ± 5ºC and 24 hours of last internal calibration
Storage Temperature:-40º to +70ºC
Humidity:80% R.H.
Power, battery life
 115/230 Vac, optional 100V, 50 or 60 Hz, 60 W max
Stored Set-ups
 Complete sets of front-panel set-ups stored: 30
 8.9 cm (3.5 in) high x 21.1 cm (8.3 in) wide x 39.1 cm (15.4 in) deep
Rack Mount Dimensions
Single:8.9 cm (3.5 in.) H x 48.3 cm (19 in.) W
Dual:13.3 cm (5.25 in) H x 48.3 cm (19 in) W
 6 kg (12 lb)


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