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Fluke PM6685-656 - 2.7 GHz Input C

Fluke PM6685-656 - 2.7 GHz Input C

2.7 GHz Input C (PM 96240)
Very High Stability Oven Timebase (PM 9691)
GPIB Interface (PM 9626/02) and TimeViewTM Time and Frequency Analysis Software for DOS for PM6685 and PM6685R
The Fluke PM 6685 Frequency Counter brings calibration lab accuracy to field measurements The PM 6685 is easy to use, compact, and most important of all, it has today"s smartest input triggering for frequency measurements. The battery option for the PM 6685 maintains oven stability for 20 hours, giving you instant oven performance even after long transportation.

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Cal lab performance in the field

With 10 digits per second resolution, plus overflow (11th and 12th digits), it delivers high accuracy measurements instantly. The standard timebase offers a stability of better than 5E-7 per month, and better than 5E-11 per month with the PM 6685R Rubidium Counter.

Built in capabilities simplify tricky measurements

The PM 6685"s built-in intelligence eliminates a lot of button pushing. Just plug it in, and it automatically selects optimum trigger level and input sensitivity for excellent noise immunity.

Analog bar graph

The analog bar graph displays signal strength and input sensitivity to assist instrument setup and RF tuning applications.

300 MHz basic input range; options for 2.7 GHz and 8 GHz.

Measurement functions

Frequency, Burst Frequency, Period A, Ratio A/E C/A, Pulse Width A, Duty Factor, Totalize A.

Auxiliary functions

External Arming, External Gate, Nulling/Frequency Offset.

Options & accessories

External Reference Multiplier (1,5,10 MHz), GPIB Interface, Battery Unit.

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PM 6685 Universal Frequency Counter
Model NameDescription
 PM 6685/_ _ 1  300 MHz Universal Frequency Counter

Instrument optional configuration

Option Code Option Description
Specify an Input Frequency Pre-Scaler
/0_ _ Standard version, no additional input frequency pre-scaler
/6_ _ 2.7 GHz Input C (PM 9624)
/7_ _ 8 GHz Input C (PM 9638)
Specify a TimeBase Option
/_1_ Standard Time base oscillator
/_5_ Very High Stability Oven Timebase (PM 9691)
/_6_ Ultra High Stability Oven Time Base (PM 9692)
/_7_ Rubidium Time base, Select model PM 6681R
Specify a Battery Unit and GPIB Interface Option
/_ _3 Battery Unit (PM 9623) for PM 6685 only
/_ _6 GPIB Interface (PM 9626/02) and TimeView TM Time and Frequency Analysis Software for DOS for PM6685 and PM6685R

Example: To order the PM 6681R 300 MHz, 50 ps version with the 2.7 GHz input C, select the complete Model Number: PM 6681R/676.

Note: When ordered together with the basic counter, options are factory installed. Options ordered separately can be customer retrofitted, except PM 9611/80 Real Panel Inputs.

Test leads, Probes and ClipsBuy it **
PM9639/011 PM9639/011 Wide Bandwidth, Low Impedance Probe 
Y8021Shielded IEEE-488 Cable, 1m 
Y8022Shielded IEEE-488 Cable, 2m 
Y8023Shielded IEEE-488 Cable, 4m 
Cases and HolstersBuy it **
PM9627Carrying Case 
PM9627HHeavy Duty Aluminum Carrying Case 
Rack Mounts & HardwareBuy it **
PM9622/021Rack-Mount Kit for PM6685 and PM6690 
PM9611/80Rear Panel Inputs 
OptionsBuy it **
PM96242.7 GHz Input C 
PM96388 GHz Input C 
PM9691Very High Stability Oven Time Base 
PM9692Ultra High Stability Oven Time Base 
SoftwareBuy it **
PM9626/00GPIB-Interface for PM PM6685 or PM6685R Includes Analog Output and TimeView™ Time & Frequency Software 


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