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TFA 30.3045.IT - Wireless...
TFA 30.3045.IT - Wireless...
TFA 30.3045.IT - Wireless...

TFA 30.3045.IT - Wireless thermo-hygrometer with ventilation recommendation

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Window open or closed? Finding the ideal indoor climate is not so easy and ventilation isn't always the first choice. Depending on the weather, the air quality may even deteriorate. The BEL-AIR wireless thermo-hygrometer from TFA is the practical help you need.
Internal sensors measure the indoor temperature and humidity and display the quality of the indoor air on the coloured scale.
At the same time, the outdoor transmitter determines the temperature and humidity in the open air and it is calculated whether the room humidity rises, remains the same or decreases by opening the windows. In this way, you can immediately take the required steps, ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and prevent the formation of mould.

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