Fluke A40B - séria kvalitných prúdových mostíkov

Fluke A40B - séria kvalitných prúdových mostíkov

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A40B Series Precision Current Shunts

The A40B Precision Current Shunt Set consists of 14 low-inductance coaxial current shunts, adapters and connectors, and a rugged transit/storage case. Designed for currents from 1 mA to 100A, the current shunts are for laboratory use in making directly measured absolute ac or dc current measurements as well as ac/dc current transfer measurements. They exhibit outstanding resistance value stability, with an excellent self-heating power coefficient, and a low temperature coefficient. With all of these characteristics combined, the shunts offer direct measurement of current from dc to 100 kHz with higher accuracy than previous commercially available shunt technology. Now precision measurements can be made in a single step process rather than by more complex traditional ac/dc transfer methods.

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