TFA 95.2008 Klima Control Kit - anti-mould thermo-hygrometer and IR thermometer

TFA 95.2008 Klima Control Kit - anti-mould thermo-hygrometer and IR thermometer

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Showering, cooking, drying clothes: people continuously release water vapor in the air with these activities. If there’s not enough air exchange – a problem found in many modern, well-insulated houses – the room air can quickly become very damp and there’s a risk of mould growth. When "COMFORT CONTROL" is in operation, this annoying roommate doesn’t stand a chance as only a constant high humidity of over 65% can cause the dreadful fungus on walls and in cupboards. The thermo-hygrometer displays the measured temperature and humidity values. In addition, a visual and acoustic signal warns of the risk of mold. So you can react in time and create a comfortable and healthy living environment with targeted heating and ventilation. The device displays the dew point as an additional indicator. The dew point is the temperature at which the air begins to condensate and water droplets, the precursor of mould, form on colder spots. With the "EASYFLASH" infrared thermometer you can detect these cold bridges directly on your walls and check whether the temperature is below the dew point. This way, spots where the risk of mould is likely can be detected early and prevention measures can be taken.

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