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TFA 35.1154.01 Cosy Baro - smart barometer

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How is the local weather developing today? Take a look at the COZY BARO and get an idea of ​​it. An integrated electronic barometer measures the air pressure; the course of the last 24 hours can be observed on the bar chart. As the air pressure increases, the weather improves. With decreasing air pressure you have to expect worse weather. You can easily view current indoor climate - temperature and humidity. Through targeted heating and ventilation you create a pleasant and healthy living environment and even save heating costs. The COZY BARO integrates with the WeatherHub SmartHome system. For this you need a WeatherHub starter set as a basis. It contains the WeatherHub Gateway with power plug and LAN cable. With the free WeatherHub app you can then retrieve the current readings of your COZY BARO via smartphone or tablet, with historical values ​​for up to 90 days. In addition, alarm limits can be defined for all measured values, in case of alarm you will be informed by push notification. The COZY BARO additionally supports useful PRO functions such as graphics, max. Min. Values ​​and data export. The starter set can be supplemented with up to 50 additional transmitters and coupleable devices.

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