Fluke BM. QA-90 MKII - Electrical...

Fluke BM. QA-90 MKII - Electrical Safety Analyzer

This product has been discontinued.

The QA-90 represents a new generation of safety testing equipment. QA-90 is the only automatic safety tester that can test Instruments containing modules with different classes of protection in one test run (i.e. CF and BF defibrillators). It is simple to use. All you need to do is select the type and class of the equipment to be tested. When you press START, the QA-90 will execute the tests prescribed in the selected standard. The test result can either be printed out immediately or stored internally in the unit for later use. The QA-90 can be fully remotely controlled via ansur software. With ansur, you can make your own test protocols, store the information on disk and export formatted data to equipment management databases

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