Fluke Bm. ULT800 - Tester elektrickej bezpečnosti ultrazvukových sond

Fluke Bm. ULT800 - Tester elektrickej bezpečnosti ultrazvukových sond

This product has been discontinued.

The ULT800 tests the electrical safety of ultrasound transducers independent of their ultrasound machines. A variety of adapters allow for testing of many different makes and models, including transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) transducers. With the ULT800, transducer testing easily fits into routine disinfecting procedures. Technicians conduct the tests in a cleaning basin at the beginning of the day and between patients. If a transducer is electrically safe for patient use, the green PASS lamp lights. Simple Pass/Fail indicators make it simple to use even non-technical medical personnel, such as sonographers and central sterile-supply technicians, can perform the tests The ULT800 is available by itself or as a kit, which includes a dual-conductivity electrode and carrying case.

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