TecnoSoft DLHT - Záznamník teploty a vlhkosti

TecnoSoft DLHT - Záznamník teploty a vlhkosti

Temperature and Humidity Datalogger
DLHT is a temperature and humidity datalogger equipped with a graphical and alphanumeric LCD display and a small keyboard to program missions and access the data. The data logger may be programmed from a PC, using its software by means of a USB cable connection to the device. This device is equipped with audio and visual alarms that indicate when the temperature has exceeded the pre-set minimum and maximum thresholds. A third led warns you when the batteries need to be replaced. DLHT operates using replaceable batteries and its low power consumption means they do not have to be replaced very frequently.
The datalogger can be supplied with calibration certificate with SIT (Italian reference center) traceability.

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The LCD display and the USB interface make this device an autonomous product, and does not require the use of a PC (to which you can nevertheless always save and edit data).

  • monitor temperature and humidity during transports;
  • control in chemical labs;
  • control in the pharmaceutical and food industry;
  • envirnoment monitoring;
  • energy saving long-time monitoring.
The System
The system is made up by:
  • DLHT datalogger (USB cable included);
  • DLHT software.
Size6,8 X 11 X 2,7 cm
Temperature range-30 °C ÷ +65 °C
Temperature resolution0,25 °C
Temperature accuracy±0,4°C from +5°C to +40°C
±1°C from -20°C to +65°C
Humidity range0% ÷ 100%
Humidity resolution0,1% RH
Humidty accuracy±3% from 10% to 90%
±4% from 0% to 100%
N° of acquisitions500.000
Acquisition intervalFrom 1 every 15 seconds to 1 every 255 minutes
Battery life2 type AA batteries (2 x 1,5 V.), repleaceable; 2 years life with standard use
Protection degreeIP67
Other features- LCD display: shows current data, acquisitions table, graph and alarms
- LED and acoustic alarms over max and min thresholds
- possibility to set hysteresis for alarms
Compliancy - EN12830


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