Laboratórny zdroj (DC)

TTi EX-R Séria presných laboratórnych stolných zdrojov DC so zmiešanou reguláciou

TTi EX-R Séria presných laboratórnych stolných zdrojov DC so zmiešanou reguláciou

175W to 420W, Single, Dual & Triple Output

Single outputs, 35V/5A, 18V/10A, 42V/10A, 20V/20A
  Dual or triple outputs, 35V/4A
  Independent digital voltage and current meters 
    for each output with 4 digit resolution
  Switchable local or remote sensing
  Constant voltage or constant current operation
  Variable 1.5 - 5.0V auxiliary output at 5A (EX354RT)
  Compact design uses less bench space
  Silent fan-free cooling **
  DC output switches, automatic mode indication

** Not EX2020R and EX4210R

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Model Range:  EX355R - 35V/5A,  EX1810R - 18V/10A,  EX4210R - 42V/10A,  EX2020R - 20V/20A, EX354RD - 35V/4A Dual,  EX354RT - 35V/4A Triple.

Voltage/Current Levels
EX355R 0 to >35V; 0 to >5A (175W nominal power)
EX1810R 0 to >18V; 0 to >10A (180W nominal power)
EX2020R 0 to >20V; 0 to >20A (400W nominal power)
EX4210R 0 to >42V; 0 to >10A (420W nominal power)
EX354RD 2 x (0 to >35V; 0 to >4A) (280W nominal power)
EX354RT 2 x (0 to >35V; 0 to >4A) (305W nominal power)
plus <1.5 to >5.0V @ 5A
Output Setting & Control
Voltage Setting:By coarse and fine controls.
Current Setting:By single logarithmic control.
Output Mode:Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over.
CC indicator lit in constant current mode.
Output Switch:Electronic, non isolating. Preset voltage and current limit displayed
when Output is off. On state indicated by LED.
Output Performance
Output PerformanceTypically <2mV rms, <10mV pk-pk (EX355R, EX354RD, EX354RT)
Typically <2mV rms, <20mV pk-pk (EX1810R, EX2020R, EX4210R)
(CV mode, 20MHz bandwidth)
Load Regulation:<0·01% of maximum output for a 90% load change
(using remote sense).
Line Regulation:<0·01% of maximum output for 10% line change.
Transient Response:<200μs to within 50mV of setting for a 5% to 95% load change.
Temp. Coefficient:Voltage: typically <100ppm /°C.
Output Protection
Outputs will withstand forward voltages up to 40V (EX355R, EX354RD, & EX354RT); 22V (EX1810R); 25V (EX2020R); 48V (EX4210R). Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents to 3A.
Output Connections
Output Terminals:Output Terminals:
Terminals can accept fixed shroud 4mm plugs, standard 4mm plugs, fork terminals and bare wires.
Remote Sense
Sense Selection:Voltage sensing is selected as Local or Remote by front panel switch.
Sense Terminals:Sprung loaded screw-less terminals.
Display Type:Dual 4-digit meters, 14mm (0·56”) LED.
Voltage Meter
Accuracy:0·3% of reading ± 3 digits
Current Meter (EX355R, EX354RD, EX354RT)
Accuracy:0·5% of reading ± 3 digits
Current Meter (EX1810R, EX2020R, EX4210R)
Accuracy:0·6% of reading ± 3 digits
Voltage:Variable <1.5V to >5V by front panel control.
Meter accuracy:0.3% ± 4 digits.
Current limit:5A minimum.
Load regulation:<0.5% for 90% load change.
Line regulation:<0.1% for 10% line voltage change.
Ripple & NoiseTypically <2mVrms, <10mVpk-pk (20MHz bandwidth):
Output Protection:Output will withstand up to 7V forward voltage.
Diode clamp reverse protection for currents up to 3A.
Output Terminals:Universal 4mm safety binding posts on 19mm (0·75”) spacing.
Status Indication:UNREG lamp.
AC Input:EX354RD, EX354RT - 110V to 240V 50/60Hz (universal input);
Other Models - 230V AC ± 10% 50/60Hz; 115V to order.
Installation Category II
VA Ratings:EX810R, EX355R - 400VA; EX354RD, EX354RT - 500VA
EX2020R, EX4210R - 800VA.
Temperature & Environmental
Operating Range:+5°C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH
Storage Range:-40°C to + 70°C
Environmental:Indoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2.
Cooling:EX1810R, EX355R, EX354RD, EX354RT - fan-less convection cooling;
EX2020R, EX4210R - fan assisted using low-noise brushless dc fan.
Safety & EMC
Safety:Complies with EN61010-1
EMC:Complies with EN61326
Size:Single output models - 140x160x320 mm (WxHxD).
Dual and triple output models - 260x160x320 mm (WxHxD).
Weight:EX810R, EX355R - 3.0kg; EX2020R, EX4210R - 3.6kg
EX354RD, EX354RT - 4.3kg.


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