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Fluke 5000A-RH/T - Presný Data Logger teploty a vlhkosti

Fluke 5000A-RH/T - Presný Data Logger teploty a vlhkosti

Now with an interface to Fluke MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Software for even more convenience in the cal lab.

The 5000A-RH/T is a precision humidity and temperature data logger that enables you to monitor ambient temperature and humidity in calibration environments. It is a compact, convenient alternative to pen-style humidity chart recorders and bulky temperature monitors. Simply place it anywhere you need to track humidity and temperature conditions, and it will record accurate time-based readings covering periods of up to several years. The 5000A-RH/T includes SpectrumTM Software to record temperature and humidity values in a history file for audits and reviews. No charts, wires, connections or power cords are required.

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MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Software interface
The 5000A-RH/T is manufactured for Fluke by Veriteq Instruments Inc. Fluke"s version of this product has been enhanced with an interface to Fluke’s MET/CAL® Plus, the worldwide de facto standard in calibration software. This unique feature allows MET/CAL Plus (versions 6.11 or higher) to read temperature and humidity from the 5000-RH/T directly into a calibration record as you start to run a procedure. All the environmental information required for your calibration becomes a permanent part of the calibration record – without requiring you to enter the data manually or add it later when you create a report. And using the 5000-RH/T with MET/CAL Plus is easy, allowing you even greater automation and convenience.


Multi-station, multi-room capability
MET/CAL Plus can read multiple 5000A-RH/T’s located in different calibration areas, providing a perfect solution for large calibration labs with multiple rooms or MET/CAL Plus stations. Because each 5000A-RH/T is assigned a unique asset number, it can be viewed from any MET/CAL station in your system. This unique number also provides identification required for traceability in quality and regulatory records.

Reliable, secure and accurate
The 5000A-RH/T features all-solid-state construction, non-volatile memory, and a tamper-proof design to ensure that the information it records is reliable and secure. The rugged thermoset-polymer-based capacitive-relative-humidity sensor offers outstanding resistance to air-borne contaminants and condensation, delivering exceptional in-calibration service and reliability. Accurate to ± 2% RH and 0.25° C, the 5000A-RH/T can sense changes as minute as 0.05% RH and 0.05° C with a time-base accuracy of better than two seconds per day.


Powerful software interface
The 5000A-RH/T comes with Spectrum Software, a powerful Microsoft Windows® based program for configuring, downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting your collected humidity and temperature data. This flexible software also facilitates access to MET/CAL Plus Calibration Software for increased ease in automated calibrations, as well as for more convenient reporting.

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5000A-RH/T Precision Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
Relative Humidity
Sensor Type
 Capacitive polymer-based monolithic integrated circuit
 0.05% RH
5 Year Accuracy
 3% RH
 0.8% over full RH range
Measuring Range
 0-95% RH
1 Year Accuracy
 2% RH over 10 to 90%
 0.5% RH at 0-75% RH

Sensor Type
 NTC thermistor
Measuring Range
 40° to 70° C
 0.05° C at 25° C
1 Year Accuracy
 0.15° C at 25° C;
 0.25° C over -20° to 70° C
5 Year Accuracy
 0.25° C at 25° C;
 0.35° C over –20° to 70° C
 0.01° C
 0.01° C

Memory Type
 Non-volatile 32K x 8 EEROM
Data Sample Capacity
 21,500 12-bit samples
Memory Modes
 User-selectable: 1) Wrap when memory full, or 2) Stop when memory full.
Memory Protection
 Data retention > 20 years backup without power
Sampling Rates
 User-selectable (in intervals of 10 seconds) from once every 10 seconds to once every 24 hours.
Recording Span
 Recording span depends on sample interval selected. Adjacent chart details typical sampling rates and length of time logger will retain data in memory before wrapping around or stopping (see Memory Modes).

General Specifications
 2.8 x 2.1 x 0.7” (71x53x18 mm);
 60g (2.2 oz.)
Operating Range
 -40 - 85° C. (-40 - 185° F.) and 0-100% RH
 RS-232 serial port; half-duplex; 19,600 baud.
 Magnetic strips
PC Software
 Designed for use with Spectrum Software and Fluke MET/CAL Plus Calibration Software. Compatible with Windows 95, 98 and NT.
 Accuracy: ± 1 min./month at 0- 50° C
Electronic interferance
 Meets FCC Part 15 for digital devices; meets CE requirements for radiated emissions, electrostatic discharge, & radiated susceptibility.
Power, battery life
 Internal lithium battery with life of 10 years at 1 min. sampling rate.
Warranty and Calibration Service
 Custom calibrations are available for increased accuracy over narrower than specified measurement ranges. Verification documentation at different temperature points also available. Contact Veriteq Inc. 1-800-683-8374
 The 5000A-RH/T carries a recommended one-year calibration cycle. Calibration, warranty and repair services are provided by Veriteq Inc. BC, Canada. 1-800-683-8374, www.veriteq.com. Outside North America contact your local authorized Fluke service center.
 60-day return guarantee; 2 year limited warranty


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