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GMC Metrahit 27M

GMC Metrahit 27M

Applications apart from general low-ohmig measurements:
- measuring low value contact resistances at welding seams and riveted joints
- determination of low-resistance transitions at outer skins of aercraft (lightning protection, wicktest), and for general low-resistance measurements.

  • Milliohmmeter
    3.000 mOhm to 300.00 mOhm with 1 A measuring current and 
    30.00 mOhm to 30.00 Ohm with 200 mA measuring current
  • Kelvin connection (4-wire measurement) 
  • Resistance measurement from 300 Ohm to 30 MOhm
  • Voltage measurement from 3 to 600 V DC and 3 to 600 V AC 
    with ±30,000 digits
  • Frequency measurement from 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • DATA hold memory for up to 1200 measured values
  • Continuity and diode testing
  • Overload protection
  • CSA Certification
  • DKD calibration certificate as standard feature
Type27M 27I27AS
Avionik Set
Article Number   M227A M227B M227C
Standard Equipment   
Standard Equipment27M27I27I
3x size AA rechargeable NiMH batteries
KS17S measurement cable set
Operating instructions
Short-form operating instructions
GH18 protective rubber cover with carrying strap
DKD calibration certificate
NA Hit 2x power adapter 
KC4 Kelvin-Clip (=2 pieces) 
KC27 Kelvin probe (=2 pieces)  
HC30 hard case  
BD-Pack (including BD232, cable with 
METRAwin10) and METRAwin90-2 software

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