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TandD RTR-50

TandD RTR-50

RTR-50 - Wireless Communication Port

The Wireless Communication Port RTR-50 is a base unit designed to carry out wireless communication with our compact waterproof Wireless Data Loggers, RTR-5 Series.
Also, by setting up an RTR-50 between the RTR-50 designated as the Base Unit and the RTR-5 Series Remote Data Logger unit, you can use any RTR-50 as a Repeater for wireless communication.

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Application Examples

*Recording Measurement Signals from Various Devices and Equipment.
*Gather Temperature from Greenhouses.
*Gather via Wireless Communication the Temperature History of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods during Transportation from Trucks as they enter the Terminal.
*Management of Building Air Conditioning
Gather via Wireless Communication Temperatures from various Floors and Rooms

Use as a Base or Repeater
Our multipurpose Wireless COMMUNICATION PORT RTR-50 has been designed to be used in two ways: as a Base Unit for the wireless downloading of recorded data from RTR-5 Series Data Loggers (RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A, RVR-52A) or to help broaden the range of wireless communication, it can be set up between a Base Unit and Data Loggers to be used as a Repeater.

Multiple Repeater Greatly Extend Wireless Communication Range
By setting up one or, if necessary, multiple RTR-50 Unit(s) between the Base Unit and Remote Unit(s), it is possible to extend the wireless communication range and route wireless communication from the Base Unit to the Remote Unit(s).
Up to 250 Repeater can be set up.

Note: The Communication Range for an RTR-50 Repeater is up to 100m.

Auto Download via Wireless Communication
Connected directly to your computer with a USB or Serial cable, the Base Unit RTR-50 allows wireless access for the downloading of recorded data from RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A, RVR-52A Data Loggers either directly or via RTR-50 Unit(s) designated as Repeater(s).

Monitoring Current Readings on Computer Display
With our exclusive software, you cannot only monitor the current measurements, but can view those measurements in a continually changing graph on your computer display.
Moreover, it is possible to simultaneously view the current measurements of multiple Remote Units in one browser.

Send Warning Report E-Mails when a Warning Occurs
Warning Monitoring can be carried out at each location and if any of the gathered data exceeds the set limit, by making warning mail settings, a notification can be sent to specified addresses via e-mail.
A warning report e-mail can be sent to up to 50 mail addresses.

Note: Warning Report Mail Send function cannot be used with Windows 98SE.

Included Software brings Simple and Effective Management of Remote Units
The simple yet powerful software, "RTR-50 for Windows" offers a variety of useful functions for RTR-5 Series Data Loggers (RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A, RVR-52A), including recording settings, data downloading, graph display, table creation, printing, and file output.

Compatible DevicesRTR-51(L)/51A(L)/52(L)/52A(L)/52Pt(L)/53(L)/53/53A(L)/RVR-52A(L)
FunctionsWireless Communication: Download Data, Monitoring / Warning Monitoring, Start / Stop Recording, Wireless Repeater Function
Optical Communication: Download Data / Start / Stop Recording
Wireless SpecificationsETSI EN 300-220 [ Frequency Range: 433.050 to 434.79MHz ],
FCC Part15 Section249 / IC RSS-210 [ Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz ]
PowerBase Unit : USB bus power, AC Adaptor(AD-0604 or AD-0638(*1) )
Repeater : 2 AA batteries, AC Adaptor(AD-0604 or AD-0638(*1) )
Battery Life6 Months of continued use on 2 AA alkaline batteries when used as Repeater for five minutes a day.
Communication TimeWireless Communication:
1 unit of full data takes about 420 seconds (when Repeater not used) When communicating via Repeaters, the approximate time for that communication is calculated as follows: "420 seconds + (Number of Repeaters x 420 seconds)".

Optical Communication:
1 unit of full data takes about 160 seconds
(Blinks during Wireless Communication and PC Communication)
InterfaceUSB miniB Connector / Serial [Mini serial] (19200bps)
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -10 to 60°C (-30 to 60°C when external power connected)
Humidity: 20 to 80%RH (No condensation)
DimensionsH 96 × W 66 ×D 25mm
WeightApprox. 60g (Batteries not included)
Standard KitUSB Communication Cable×1,
RTR-50 for Windows Software CD-ROM×1, Users Manual×1
Compatible OS (*2)Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista English
  • (*1) Contact your local authorizes representative.
  • (*2) Operation under a 64bit OS is not guaranteed.

* If you wish to communicate by serial communication, an optional cable (TR-07C) is needed.



1:Monitor LED
2:Serial(Mini) jack
3:AC Adaptor connect jack
4:USB(MiniB) jack


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