Fluke Bm. BP Pump 2M - Overovanie a testovanie vlastností tlakomerov

The BP Pump 2 provides dynamic blood-pressure simulations for testing NIBPM"s (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitors), including arm- and wrist-cuff types. In addition, the BP Pump 2 can test for leaks, measure static pressure, generate pressure, and test overpressure valve. The BP Pump 2 also uses optional synchronized ECG simulation for testing NIBPM, utilizing gated measurement for noise/artifact rejection. A high-accuracy pressure-transducer model is also available to fulfill EN1060-3 requirements. (See “Models.”)

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Standard Features

  • Dynamic NIBPM simulations for arm- and wrist-cuff monitors
  • Internal pump for use in high- and low-pressure release verification, leak testing and pressure sourcing
  • Preset mode (for simulation of most patient conditions) or user-defined simulations
  • Internal adult/neonatal cuffs for testing NIBPM separately from cuff
  • Respiratory artifacts including spontaneous breathing and controlled ventilation
  • Arrhythmia simulations including premature atrial contractions #1 and #2, atrial fibrillation and PVCs

Optional Features

    • High-accuracy pressure transducer
    • Synchronization of ECG and arrhythmia simulation with BP

BP pump 2, BPPUMP, bppump2

 Bright, large 4-line x 40 character alphanumeric display with backlighting
Pressure Generation/Measurement
Static-pressure range0 mmHg to 400 mmHg(53 kPa)
Difference Between Target Pressure and Actual Pressure:-5 mmHg
Internal Leak Rate:< 2 mmHg per minute with minimum volume of 300 cc
Four Respiratory Artifacts
 3 spontaneous breathing
 controlled ventilation
3 Adult Wrist-Cuff Simulations
Pressure Source
 Specified pressure generated from 0 mmHg to 400 mmHg in selectable increments of 1 mmHg
Pressure Gauge
 Static pressure measured from 0 mmHg to 400 mmHg at the pressure port
Pressure Relief Rest
 Test for the NIBPM pressure relief valve (0 mmHg to 400 mmHg) with display of peak pressure
Neonate Internal Cuff Simulations
 Internal neonate cuff
 Four standard neonate pressures
Normal Sinus Rhythm
BP and ECG- Healthy heart
 - Weak pulse
 - Mild exercise
 - Strenuous exercise
 - Obese subject
 - Geriatric subject
 - Tachycardia
 - Bradycardia
Irregular Pulse
BP and ECG- Premature atrial contractions # 1
 - Premature atrial contractions # 2
 - Premature ventricular contractions
 - Atrial fibrillation and PVCs
User-Definable Simulations
 User-defnable systolic and diastolic values, along with heart rate and pulse volume
- Systolic Pressure Range:20 to 250
- Diastolic Pressure Range:10 to 200
- Heart Rate:30 to 250
- Pulse Volume:0.1 cc to 2.4 cc
Simulation Parameters Performance
Max Pulse Volume:2.4 cc
Max Heart Rate:- 200 BPM at 2.4 cc pulse volume
 - 250 BPM at 1.2 cc pulse volume
Internal Neonatal Cuff Volume:20 cc
Internal Adult Cuff Volume (Including NN Volume):310 cc
Heart Rate Setting Accuracy:± 1 BPM
Simulation Units:kPa and mmHg (user selectable)
Pressure Leak Test
 The pressure port is pressurized from 0 mmHg to 400 mmHg and keeps track of the pressure loss over time. Peak pressure and present pressure are displayed at all times; leak rate is displayed when it is available.
 Nine autosequences are provided for four tests and up to five simulations.
Electrical ECG
Signals:RA, LA, RL, LL, V
Waveform:Lead II
Amplitude:1 mV peak (± 10 %)
Connections:Optional external ECG adapter
 Physiological synchronization with NIBP
Serial Port
 Bidirectional RS232 port; baud rate of 9600 with no parity, one stop bit, and eight data bits.
Pressure Measurement
Pressure-Measurement Units:kPa, mmHg, cmH 2 0, cmH 2 O and psi (user selectable)
Pressure-Measurement Range:0 mmHg to 400 mmHg
Pressure-Measurement Resolution:0.1 kPa, 1.0 mmHg, 1.0 cmH 2 O, and 0.1 psi
Pressure-Measurement Accuracy: 
- Standard Version (BP Pump 2 L ):- 0 to 300 mmHg: + 0.5 % of reading + 1 mmHg
 - 301 to 400 mmHg: + 2 % of reading
- High-Accuracy Version (BP Pump 2 M ):- < 0.8 mmHg (0.1 kPa) throughout range
Parallel Port
 25-pin female connector, with D-subminiature style and pinouts conforming to IBM "PC" printer port (unidirectional), HP and ASCII printers.
Sample Adult Arm-Cuff Simulation Parameters (Standard)
Standard Set of Blood Pressures 
- BP #1Blood Pressure : 120/80 (93)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.68 cc
- BP #2Blood Pressure : 150/100 (116)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.65 cc
- BP #3Blood Pressure : 200/150 (166)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.60 cc
- BP #4Blood Pressure : 255/195 (215)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.55 cc
- BP #5Blood Pressure : 60/30 (40)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.75 cc
- BP #6Blood Pressure : 80/50 (60)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.70 cc
- BP #7Blood Pressure : 100/65 (76)
 Heart Rate : 80
 Pulse Volume : 0.69 cc
 10 in L x 10 in D x 5 in H
 (25.4 cm L x 25.4 cm D x 12.7 cm H)
 7.5 lb
 (3.4 kg)


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