Porovnanie Pico Automotive diagnostických sád

Porovnanie diagnostických sád USB osciloskopov pre automotive


 2–Channel Starter Kit4–Channel Starter Kit2–Channel Standard Kit4–Channel Standard Kit4–Channel Advanced Kit4–Channel Diesel Kit
PicoScope 4225
PicoScope 4425
Počet kanálov242444
pamäť - vzoriek250 M250 M250 M250 M250 M250 M
maximálna vzorkovacia rýchlosť400 MS/s*400 MS/s*400 MS/s*400 MS/s*400 MS/s*400 MS/s*
60 A AC/DC current clamp2
2000 A AC/DC current clamp
Premium test leads242444
2–pin break–out lead
6–way universal breakout lead, micro
6–way universal breakout lead, small
6–way universal breakout lead, medium
6–way universal breakout lead, large
Secondary ignition pickup4
Fuse extension leads
Fuse extension leads - JCASE
Coil–on–plug lead with earth clamp
Spark plug extension lead4
Coil–on–plug ignition probe
60 MHz oscilloscope probe x1/x10
10:1 attenuator22
Flexible backpinning probe (red)2222
Flexible backpinning probe (black)2222
Backpinning probe set
Multimeter probe (black)22
Multimeter probe (red)22
Small crocodile/gator clip (black)2222
Small crocodile/gator clip (red)2222
Large dolphin/gator clip (black)
Large dolphin/gator clip (red)
Battery Clip (Red)
Battery Clip (black)2222
Shrouded to unshrouded (black)22
Shrouded to unshrouded (red)22
hák na zavesenie2
Automotive software CD-ROM
Training resources DVD
Automotive Quick Start Guide
USB 3 cable 1.8m
 *Maximum sampling rate is 200 MS/s when two channels are in use, or 100 MS/s when three or four are in use.

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