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Sortiment Delta Elektronika BV

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TYPV out (V)I out (A)
webSM700 – no more producedno more produced
webSM 1540-D - no more produced0-150-40
webSM 7020-D - no more produced0-35, 35-700-20, 0-10
webSM 3004-D - no more produced0-150, 150-3000-4, 0-2
webSM800 800W
webSM 7.5-800-7.50-80
webSM 18-500-180-50
webSM 70-AR-240-35, 0-700-24, 0-12
webSM 400-AR-40-200, 0-4000-4, 0-2
webSM1500 1500W
webSM 15-1000-150-100
webSM 35-450-350-45
webSM 52-300-520-30
webSM 52-AR-600-26, 0-520-60, 0-30
webSM 70-220-700-22
webSM 120-130-1200-13
webSM 300-50-3000-5
webSM 400-AR-80-200,0-4000-8,0-4
webSM3000 3000WEOL 31.12.2017
webSM 15-200 D0-150-200
webSM 30-100 D0-300-100
webSM 45-70 D0-450-70
webSM 45-70 D-P087 (40V-80A)0-400-80
webSM 70-45 D0-700-45
webSM 120-25 D0-1200-25
webSM 300-10 D0-3000-10
webSM3300 3300W - ETH + Sequncer
webSM 18-2200-180-220
webSM 66-AR-1100-33, 0-660-110, 0-55
webSM 100-AR-750-50, 0-1000-75, 0-37.5
webSM 330-AR-220-165, 0-3300-22, 0-11
webSM 660-AR-110-330, 0-6600-11, 0-5.5
webSM6000 6000W
webSM 15-4000-150-400
webSM 30-2000-300-200
webSM 45-1400-450-140
webSM 60-1000-600-100
webSM 70-900-700-90
webSM 120-500-1200-50
webSM 300-20 (1200V insulated, ISO AMP, Encoder)0-3000-20
webSM 600-10 (1200V insulated, ISO AMP, Encoder)0-6000-10
webSM15000 15kW – Bi-Directional, Eth, Seq
webSM 500-CP-90 – Bi-Directional, Eth, Seq0-500-90 .. 90
webSM 1500-CP-30 – Bi-Directional, Eth, Seq0-1500-30 .. 30
Options SM-series
webP001 Screwdriver adjustment V and I at front panel
P002 Screwdriver adjustment V, I and OVP at rear panel (only for SM700 and SM3000)
P099 No foots on unit
P069 Increased maximum output
P089 Enforced sec. isolation 1000V only with digital interface
Options for SM700-series
P021 (Extra diode on output SM 7020-D)
P022 (Extra diode on output SM 3004-D)
webP140 (Power Sink for SM 1540-D)
webP141 (Power Sink for SM 7020-D)
Options for SM800-series
P201 (Ext. diode for output SM 400-AR-4)
webP249 (ISO AMP CARD built-in) - isolation amplifier
webP254 (PSC 232 INT built-in) – Serial Interface
webP255 (PSC 488 INT built-in) – IEEE Interface
webP256 (PSC ETH INT built-in) – Ethernet Interface
webP271 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interface
webP272 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interface
P257 (SM 18-50 front panel connection)
P258 (SM 70-AR-24 front panel connection)
P259 (SM 400-AR-4 front panel connection)
webP245 (Power sink for SM 7.5-80)
webP246 (Power sink for SM 18-50)
webP247 (Power sink for SM 70-AR-24)
webP248 (Power sink for SM 400-AR-4)
webP236 (Potentiometers repl. with encoders)
19" Rack adapters for SM800-series
RA19-1SM800 for 1 pc SM800
RA19-2SM800 for 2 pcs SM800
High speed programming opties SM800-series
webP250 for the SM 7.5-80 (High speed programming)
webP251 for the SM 18-50 (High speed programming)
webP252 for the SM 70-AR-24 (High speed programming)
webP253 for the SM 400-AR-4 (High speed programming)
Options for SM1500-series
webP218 (ISO AMP CARD built-in)
P197 (Ext. diode for output SM 52-30)
P198 (Ext. diode for output SM 52-AR-60)
P199 (Ext. diode for output SM 120-13)
P200 (Ext. diode for output SM 300-5)
P201 (Ext. diode for output SM 400-AR-8)
webP184 (PSC 488 INT built-in)
webP183 (PSC 232 INT built-in)
webP177 (PSC-ETH INT built-in)
webP273 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interface
webP274 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interface
webP202 (Power Sink for SM 15-100)
webP203 (Power Sink for SM 35-45)
webP204 (Power Sink for SM 52-30)
webP205 (Power Sink for SM 52-AR-60)
webP206 (Power Sink for SM 70-22)
webP220 (Potentiometers repl. with encoders)
webHigh speed programming options SM1500
webP210 for the SM 15-100 (High speed programming)
webP211 for the SM 35-45 (High speed programming)
webP212 for the SM 52-30 (High speed programming)
webP213 for the SM 52-AR-60 (High speed programming)
webP214 for the SM 70-22 (High speed programming)
webP215 for the SM 120-13 (High speed programming)
webP216 for the SM 300-5 (High speed programming)
webP217 for the SM 400-AR-8 (High speed programming)
Options for SM3000-series
P023 (Extra diode on output SM 300-10 D)
webP127 (Power Sink for SM 15-200 D)
webP128 (Power Sink for SM 30-100 D)
webP129 (Power Sink for SM 45-70 D)
webP130 (Power Sink for SM 70-45 D)
webP145 (ISO AMP CARD built-in)
webP146 (PSC 232 INT built-in)no analog
webP149 (PSC ETH INT built-in w/o user I/O)no analog
webP164 (PSC 488 INT built-in)no analog
webP275 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interfaceno analog
webP276 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interfaceno analog
webHigh speed programming options SM3000
webP104 for the SM 15-200 D (High speed programming)
webP031 for the SM 30-100 D (High speed programming)
webP105 for the SM 45-70 D (High speed programming)
webP032 for the SM 70-45 D (High speed programming)
webP106 for the SM 120-25 D (High speed programming)
webP061 for the SM 300-10 D (High speed programming)
Options for SM3300
External diode for SM 66-AR-110: DIO SI 2X100A200V (order 1 pce)
External diode for SM 330-AR-22: DIO SI 2X60A400V (order 5 pcs)
External diode for SM 660-AR11: Contact factory
webINT MOD ANA (Analog Interface)
webINT MOD SER (Serial Interface)
webINT MOD CON (Isolated Contacts)
webINT MOD DIG (Digital I/O)
webINT MOD SIM (Simulation Interface)
webINT MOD M/S (Master/Slave Interface)
Power Sink for SM3300
webP306 (Power Sink for SM 18-220)
webP308 (Power Sink for SM 66-AR-110)
webP309 (Power Sink for SM 100-AR-75)
webP310 (Power Sink for SM 330-AR-22)
webP311 (Power Sink for SM 660-AR-11)
webHigh speed programming options SM3300
webP300 High Speed Programming option SM 18-220
webP302 High Speed Programming option SM 66-AR-110
webP303 High Speed programming, for the SM100-AR-75
webP304 High Speed Programming option SM330-AR-22
webP305 High Speed Programming option SM660-AR-11
Options for SM6000-series
P151 (Ext. diode for output SM 45-140)
P152 (Ext. diode for output SM 120-50)
P153 (Ext. diode for output SM 300-20)
External diode for SM 600-10: Contact factory
webP154 (ISO AMP CARD built-in)
webP155 (PSC 232 INT built-in)
webP156 (PSC 488 INT built-in)
webP157 (PSC-ETH INT built-in)
webP277 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interface
webP278 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interface
P165 (High input voltage 440, 480VAC)From 2017-08 includend in standard
webP220 (Potentiometers repl. with encoders)
webP230 (Power sink for the SM15-400)
webP231 (Power sink for SM 30-200)
webP232 (Power sink for SM 45-140)
webP233 (Power sink for SM 60-100)
webP234 (Power sink for SM 70-90)
webHigh speed programming options SM6000
webP166 for the SM 15-400 (High speed programming)
webP167 for the SM 30-200 (High speed programming)
webP168 for the SM 45-140 (High speed programming)
webP169 for the SM 60-100 (High speed programming)
webP170 for the SM 70-90 (High speed programming)
webP171 for the SM 120-50 (High speed programming)
webP172 for the SM 300-20 (High speed programming)
webP270 for the SM 600-10 (High speed programming)
ES-series 150W
webES 015-100-150-10
webES 030-50-300-5
webES 075-20-750-2
webES 0300-0.450-3000-450m
webEST 150 – tripple2×0-20, 1×0-202×0-2.5, 1×0-5
Options ES150
webP001 Screwdriver adjustment V and I at front panel
P069 Increased maximum output (small percentage with derating)
P089 Enforced sec. isolation 1000V
webP148 (PSC 232 INT built-in)
webP150 (PSC-ETH INT built-in w/o user I/O)
webP279 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interfaceno analog
webP280 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interfaceno analog
Rear connection + Remote sensing options ES150
webP119 for the ES 015-10 (Rear connection + sensing)
webP120 for the ES 030-5 (Rear connection + sensing)
webP121 for the ES 075-2 (Rear connection + sensing)
webP122 for the ES 0300-0.45 (Rear connection + sensing)
webES-series 300W
webES 030-100-300-10
Options ES 030-10
webP185 (Rear connection + remote sense)
webP179 (PSC-ETH INT built-in w/o user I/O)
webP180 (PSC 232 INT built-in)
webP281 (PSC-PB INT built-in) – Profibus interfaceno analog
webP282 (PSC-CAN INT built-in) – CAN Interfaceno analog
19" Rack adapters for ES-series
RA19-1ES for 1 pc ES
RA19-2ES for 2 pcs ES
RA19-ES-PSC for 1 pc ES + 1 pc PSC
RA19-ES-PSC-ETH for 1 pc ES + 1 pc PSC-ETH
Alarm Circuits
webAL 24-48 (under- and overvoltage alarm)
Computer Interfaces (external)(see ES- and SM-series for built-in interfaces)
webPSC 488 EXT (external IEEE and RS 232, incl. accessories)
webPSC 232 EXT (external RS 232, incl. accessories)
19" Rack adapters
RA19-3-PSC for 1 - 3 external PSC's
RA19-ES-PSC for 1 pc ES and 1 pc PSC
RA19-3-PSC for 1 - 3 external PSC's
RA19-ES-PSC for 1 pc ES and 1 pc PSC
Isolation Amplifiers
webISO AMP MODULE (external module for all SM- and ES-series)
webMaster / Slave Adapter
webMaster / Slave Series Adapter (for 2 power supplies, in cluding cable)


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