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Fluke 7050 - Volt Maintenance Software

Fluke 7050 - Volt Maintenance Software

7050 - Volt Maintenance Software

Wavetek’s 7050 Volt Maintenance Software lets you get maximum advantage from the process automation benefits of your Nanoscan Volt Maintenance System.

  • PC Software for Nanoscan Data Collection and Analysis
  • Reduces the Time Taken for Volt Maintenance by up to 75%
  • Operates within Windows 95/98TM and ExcelTM Spreadsheet Environments
  • Fiber Optic Isolation from the Nanoscan System

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Absolute traceability

Running under WindowsTM 95, 98 or NT, Fluke"s 7050 software allows you to initiate timed scan sequences that compare individual 10-Volt references in a Nanoscan system to its 10-Volt Average output — a unique identifier in each reference ensuring absolute traceability of the collected measurement data.

Include external reference sources

If necessary, you can also include external reference sources in these measurements, using either the Nanoscan system’s External Reference Standard input or optional 7000S plug-in Modules.

Analyse performance with Microsoft ExcelTM

But the story doesn’t stop there. Open up Microsoft ExcelTM and you’ll find a ‘Wavetek 7050’ add-in menu option that allows you to import the data into an Excel spreadsheet so that you can analyze your Nanoscan system’s performance.

Dialogue boxes are provided to calculate the drift rate of the average output (based on previously imported certified values and accumulated scan data), and the predicted value of the Average output at the current date. You can then plot the output voltages of the reference modules with respect to this average value in order to evaluate their performance.

The Fluke 7050 add-in menu also provides dialogue boxes to define Type A and Type B uncertainties, import and export traceability to or from individual Nanoscan references or external references, and print certificates and reports.

Unique combination of process automation and statistical analysis

The unique combination of process automation and statistical analysis provided by Fluke’s 7050 Volt Maintenance Software gives you the levels of confidence and predictability required to meet the latest ‘best practice’ metrology methods and standards.


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