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TTi WA301 - Zosilovač ku generátorom 30V

TTi WA301 - Zosilovač ku generátorom 30V

WA301 - 30V pk-pk Waveform Amplifier

  Extends the output range of function generators
  30 Volts peak to peak output swing
  DC to 1MHz bandwidth
  High impedance input, 0dB to +20dB gain
  50 Ohm and 600 Ohm outputs
  20dB switchable output attenuator
  Fully protected output

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The WA301 is a DC to 1MHz amplifier with a maximum output (e.m.f.) of 30 volts peak to peak from a 50W source impedance. A 600W output is also provided.
The unit can provide up to 15 volts peak to peak into a 50W load and can drive up to 300mA peak into a low impedance or short circuit.
Fully variable gain between x1 and x10 is provided by a rotary vernier with calibrated end stops. A -20dB output attenuator is also incorporated.
An "output clip" LED is provided to warn if the output amplitude exceeds ±15V.

Most function generators have a maximum open-
circuit output voltage of 20V peak to peak. The WA301 enables this to be boosted to 30V peak to peak.
Commonly the WA301 will be used as a slave to a function generator with the gain set to x10. Thus an output of 3V pk-pk at the function generator would give rise to an output of 30V pk-pk from the WA301.
Alternatively the variable gain facility might be used to provide an adjustable output level from a fixed level source.
Bandwidth:-3dB at 1MHz
Flatness:-1dB at 400kHz
Rise/fall time:<0.5µs
Distortion:<0.1% at 1kHz
Gain:Vernier adjustment between x1 and x10
Input impedance:10kW
Output impedance:50W and 600W (separate sockets)
Output 0dB:30V pk-pk max. from 50W(15V into 50 Ohms), 30V pk-pk max. from 600W (15V into 600 Ohms)
Output -20dB:3V pk-pk max. from 50W (1.5V into 50 Ohms), 3V pk-pk max. from 600W (1.5V into 600 Ohms)
DC offset:<5mV
Power:230V or 115V AC nominal 50/60Hz, adjustable internally; operating range ±14% of nominal; 20VA max.; Installation category II
Size:210(W) x 75(H) x 230(D)mm, inc. feet.
Operating Range:+ 5°C to 40°C, 20-80% RH.
Storage Range:- 40°C to 70°C
Safety:Complies with EN61010-1.
EMC:Complies with EN63126.

TTi WA301

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