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Polyamp 12V fast charging DC UPS for forklifts

Polyamp 12V fast charging DC UPS for forklifts

For forklifts in large storages

In large storages the handling forklifts are used during several shifts. Instead of charging the whole forklift vehicle they use interchangeable battery modules. To change such battery it takes some minutes. On the forklift, the driver has direct contact with the logistic system via a computer connected to a WiFi network. Those computers use Windows® Operating system and they do not like sudden power down. Polyamp developed together with suppliers of forklift computers a DC UPS that overcome this problem.

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The DC-UPS works for about 15 minutes. It use the RS232 standard UPS signalling methods supported by Windows® to switch off the computer in a controlled manner.

The battery is an environmental friendly NiMh. The integral battery charger can fully charge the battery within 2h, as many such situations can happen per day. In normal operation it supplies the computer and charge the battery.

Input voltage +18V 2.7A
Rated power in UPS mode: 30W 12V 3A. (Uout typ.=10.5V)
Stop voltage: 10V.
PM50B18-18 and PM50C18-18 are optimised to supply the DC-UPS


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