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Fluke 81 - 50 MHz Function/Pulse Generator

Fluke 81 - 50 MHz Function/Pulse Generator

50 MHz Function/Pulse Generator 

Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications, the 80/81 family of 50 MHz waveform generators provides an unmatched combination of powerful operating features and great value. Each model generates sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative pulse waveforms from 10 mHz to 50 MHz with up to 16 Vp-p amplitude into 50 Ohm. With many continuous and non-continuous modes from which to choose, Models 80/81 are ideal for a wide range of test applications.

  • Model 81 pulse/function generator
  • Model 80 function generator
  • Powerful performance
  • AM, FM, VCO, and phaselock/offset control modes
  • Automated calibration
  • Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications
  • HP 8116A emulation mode (81 only)

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80 Function generator

Model 80 provides Sweep and FM. In addition, the 80 offers linear and logarithmic sweep functions and external FM. This makes the 80 an extremely versatile low-cost function generator.

81 Pulse/function generator

With programmable pulse period, width, and transition times combined with the function generator features common to the 80 family, the 81 provides an impressive set of capabilities for both analog and digital applications.

Store common set-ups

Both the 80 and 81 stores 30 complete front panel setups, allowing easy recall of test set-ups.

Remote operation

Model 80 and 81 include an IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) interface as standard.

Autocalibration optimizes performance

Each Model has an autocalibration feature that allows the user to ensure maximum accuracy each time the unit is used.


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