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Fluke Bm. Impulse 4000 - Analyzer for defibrillator and transcutaneous pacer testing

Fluke Bm. Impulse 4000 - Analyzer for defibrillator and transcutaneous pacer testing

The Impulse 4000 is a full-featured analyzer for your defibrillator and transcutaneous pacer testing and 12-lead ECG-simulation needs.

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  • Energy and cardioversion testing
  • Transcutaneous pacemaker testing
  • 12-Lead ECG simulation
  • Interactive training capabilities
  • 4-line display
  • Defib training manikin interface
  • Interface with medTester 5000B and medTester 5000C
  • Calendar/clock to record date and time for displaying and attaching to records
Impulse 4000 Defibrillator / Pacer Analyzer
 4 x 40 character super twist LCD
Modes of Operation
 Manual, factory-preprogrammed autosequence, user-programmable autosequence, and remote computer control
Data Interfaces
 Printer port, parallel: IBM-compatible DB25 female connector
Serial port, RS232:- IBM-compatible DB25 male connector
 - Bidirectional port for controlling instrument and outputting test results
 - CTS handshake for sending data
 - Baud rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Operating Environment
Temperature range:- Operating: 59 oF to 95 oF; 15 oC to 35 oC
 - Storage: 32 oF to 122 oF; 0 oC to 50 oC
Relative humidity:95 % max, noncondensing
Battery:internal 12 V lead-acid battery provides 20 hours min operation.
 -Battery rechargeable from wall-plug charger
 -North American 115 V CSA-approved
 -European 230 V with IEC square power input jack
 -International 230 V charger with detachable country-specific power cords
 -Capability for instrument to run from charger while charging a fully depleted battery
Manikin interface,- Compatible with training manikins such as Armstrong Medical’s Chris CleanTM and Laerdal’s Defib-AnneTM.
 - ECG signal provided; isolated defibrillator signal received to sequence the ECG during training scenarios.
 - ECG Signal Output: Lead II low-level signal
Training scenarios- Realistic scenarios of emergency heart situations that are interactive with defibrillators and pacemakers.
 - Realistic ECG-waveform response defib/pacer inputs.
 - Printable records of training scenarios.
 9.8 in L x 10.6 in W x 3.5 in H
 (24.9 cm L x 27 cm W x 8.9 cm H)
 8.5 lb
 (3.9 kg)


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