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Fluke Bm. QA-ES - Analyzes electrosurgical units

Fluke Bm. QA-ES - tester elektrochirurgických prístrojov

QA-ES Series II analyzes electrosurgical units quickly and accurately. A wide load-resistance range provides 128 user-selectable loads, including very low loads for testing many of today’s ESUs.
An accuracy of ± 2 % of reading down to 20 mA guarantees reliable high-frequency leakage results. With capability to run an automatic power- distribution test in as little as 1 minute, the QA-ES works fast so technicians save time.
An Ansur QA-ES software plug-in allows users to create and automatically run tests, capture data, and produce easy-to-read reports with a PC.

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  • Automatic power distribution measurement, including power, current, peak-to-peak voltage closed load only), and crest factor
  • Oscilloscope output
  • High-frequency leakage measurements with accuracy of ± 2 % of reading
  • 128 internal user-selectable test loads from 10 Ω to 5200 Ω
  • Foot-switch output for triggering the ESU under test
  • Ansur QA-ES software plug-in for automated test protocols
  • Large display
  • RS-232 and Centronic-printer interface
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QA-ES Electrosurgery Analyzer
Technical Specifications
Generator Output
Continuous Operation:Continuous measurement of power, current, peak-to-peak voltage (closed load only), and crest factor
Single Operation:Single measurement after the set delay time of the ESU output of power, current, peak-to-peak voltage (closed load only), and crest factor
Power Distribution:Automatic measurement of power, current, peak-to-peak voltage (closed load only), and crest factor through a user-selectable load range
RF Leakage current:Provides connections and load configurations to measure HF leakage from both grounded and isolated equipment
RECQM:Test the “return electrode control quality monitoring” using the QA-ES internal loads
Modes of Operation
 Manual or remote controlled (via Ansur)
 True RMS value of applied waveform
RMS Bandwidth
Instrumentation Only:30 Hz to 10 MHz (-3 dB)
With loads:30 Hz to 2.5 MHz (-3 dB)
Low Frequency Filter
 100 Hz filter to avoid low-frequency disturbance or interference
 20 mA to 2200 mA
Current Accuracy
 20 mA to 2200 mA ± 2 % of reading
Load Resistance
 10 Ω to 2500 Ω in step of 25 Ω (@ dc), 2500 Ω to 5200 Ω in step of 100 Ω (@ dc)
Additional Fixed Load
 200 Ω 400 W for 30 s; max 15 % duty cycle
Crest Factor
 The higher of the two peak voltage measurements is used for computation
 1.4 to 16 (V peak/V RMS)
Foot-Switch Output
 The foot switch output can be used to trigger the electrosurgical unit
Peak-to-Peak Voltage
0 kV to 10 kV (closed load only) accuracy:± 10 %
Note:Measurement is taken between the active and dispersive electrodes with closed load only.
Oscilloscope Output
 5 V/A uncalibrated, 100 mA RF current minimum input
Ansur QA-ES Plug-In Remote Control
 All functions and tests in QA-ES may be performed from the PC.
User-Programmable Test Sequences
 Allows unlimited numbers of test sequences with user-programmable templates and test limits. These tests include power distribution test, output test, HF leakage, and RECQM verification.
Storage and Recall
 Protocol formats and data may be stored, recalled, printed out, or transferred.
Operating:15 ºC to 35 ºC (59 ºF to 95 ºF)
Storage:0 ºC to 50 ºC (32 ºF to 122 ºF)
 LCD graphic display
Alphanumeric Format
 8 lines x 40 characters
Graphic Mode
 240 x 64 pixel matrix
Display Control
 5 F-keys, enter, cancel, control knob, and an encoder
Data Input/Outputs
 Parallel printer port and bidirectional RS232
 115/230 VAC; 48 to 66 Hz, 35 VA
 Metal case
Dimensions (WxDxH):
 34.2 cm x 39.5 cm x 13.2 cm (13.5 in x 15.6 in x 5.2 in )
 9.8 kg (21.6 lb)


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