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GMC B3261

GMC B3261

For identifying devices and system components. Devices and system components can be logged by our test instruments, and acquired measured values can be allocated to them with the scanner. See our barcode and label printers for water-insoluble labels as well.

The barcode scanner is configured for use with the following barcodes: EAN13, CODE 39 and CODE 128.

The device can be operated as is with the SECUTEST... and the SECUTEST PSI.

For operation with the PROFITEST PSI-BC, the PROFITEST SI-BC and the PROFITEST 204, it must first be configured with the codes included in the respective instructions. Only code 128 is possible for these test instruments.

Please contact our product support department if you would like to use the SECUTEST... for other codes.

  Barcode Reader / Scanner
TypeB3261  Z720AZ751A
InterfaceRS 232RS 232USB
Readable codes Code 39, code 128, EAN 13, EAN 128
Approx. scanning distance 50 mm210 mm210 mm
Power supplyVia RS 232Via RS 232  Via USB
Operating temperature  0 to 55° C 0 to 55° C
Dimensions164 x 77.5 x 63 mm 195 x 70 x 66 mm

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