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GMC CP28 Calibrator Pack

GMC CP28 Calibrator Pack

Mobile Calibration System

The CP2 calibrator pack allows for fully automatic calibration of measuring transducers, transmitters, isolating amplifiers and measuring modules in just a few seconds, including issuance of a certificate.

The CP2 calibrator pack includes everything required for an automated calibration system:

  • METRAHit 28C calibrator with
  • BD232 interface adapter and
  • interface cable for RS232
  • KC2 Kelvin clips
  • 1ASi accu set
  • KY95-1 kroko clips
  • METRAwin 90-2 software for automatic read-out of calibration values, as well as the
  • METRAwin10/METRAHit software for precision measurement of output values from the device to be calibrated

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