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Power Disturbance Analysis

The MAVOWATT 45 makes use of analysis procedures for power disturbance analysis which allow for the uninterrupted monitoring and classification of disturbances in power supply networks. Measured quantities which are logged for the duration of 2, 4, 8 or 16 signal periods for all phases, or selected phases, (voltage and current effective values, frequency and THD) are continually compared with the respective, individually selected tripping criteria (upper limit for U/I/THDU/ THDI/f, lower limit for U/I//f, fluctuation factor for U/I). Individually or simultaneously occurring events are recorded uninterruptedly and are summarized in three different tables: number and type of voltage and frequency disturbances which have occurred within an adjustable time interval, number and type of current disturbances which have occurred within an adjustable time interval, list of events including time of occurrence, cause and measurement value. If uninterrupted logging is not required, voltage and current signal characteristics at the moment the event occurs can be represented with enhanced time resolution. This allows for the documentation of significant line voltage characteristics as required by EN 50160, as well as, for example, the analysis of load component making operations.

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