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METRAwin for MAVOLOG 10 software is used for configuring parameters and visualizing data from the MAVOLOG 10. It includes the following functions:

  • Configuration of device parameters (hook-up configuration, memory parameters)
  • Memory mode initialization
  • Read-out and print-out of complete statistics, as well as daily statistics
  • Read-in and graphic representation of interval data
  • Read-in and representation of events data in list format, as well as graphic representation of 10 ms RMS values from respective event curves
  • Read-in and graphic representation of harmonics
  • Online visualization of selected measured quantities
  • Interval data or measurement series recorded on line are displayed at the monitor as a line diagram or a bar graph with horizontal time axis and can be analyzed with two pointers.
  • The data logger display shows time and measured values numerically in an easy to read table, and allows for data export to other programs with the Windows clipboard.
  • Event data read out from one or several MAVALOGs are listed in the order in which they occurred and can be printed as an events list.
  • In the event of voltage dips, failure or swells, these are displayed in a time sequence which can be measured off with cursors. If the current signal is simultaneously available, conclusions may be drawn regarding the cause of the disturbances.
  • Complete statistics and daily maximum values provide information concerning all important factors at a single glance.
  • Parameters configuration for interconnected instruments as regards the measuring circuit, recording parameters, memory configuration etc., is accomplished by means of a menu-driven process.
  • In the online mode, up to ten selectable measured quantities can be scanned and recorded once every second.

System Requirements: W95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP

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