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GMC METRAwin 90-2

GMC METRAwin 90-2

Calibration Software for METRAHit 18C and 28C

The METRAHit18C hand-held calibrator, in combination with the METRAHit 28S multimeter, can be transformed into a professional, PC-based calibration system for measuring transducers, indicators and recorders with METRAwin 90-2 software and an interface cable.

Calibration procedures are created with METRAwin. The specified analog values are transmitted via the BD232 adapter from the PC to the calibrator and are fed to the device to be calibrated from the analog output at the calibrator.
The analog output value from the device to be calibrated is then measured by the multimeter, and is returned to the PC for evaluation via the interface. If the measurement results remain within the specified tolerances, the subsequent calibration step is initialized automatically until the entire procedure has been run.
Calibration data can be easily imported into other Windows applications (e.g. Word or Excel).

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