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SECUTEST Instrument Options:

  • Test results ascertained with the test instruments are transmitted to the SI module directly via the interface. Test results can be saved on-site in the form of clear-cut, reliably documented measurement and test reports with date and time.
  • Stored data can be transferred to a PC at a later point in time entirely independent of the test instrument. These data can then be processed with PS3 or PC.doc-WORD/EXCEL software (ELEKTROmanager and PROTOKOLLmanager in preparation).
  • Optional barcode scanner – The B3261 barcode scanner (accessory) can be connected to the SI module. Information available in the form of barcodes can thus be quickly, easily and reliably entered to test reports. This type of data entry allows for time-saving, inexpensive acquisition of large quantities of information, for example during series measurements conducted for devices which are labeled with barcodes.

With PROFITEST 204 and METRISO 5000D-PI:

In these cases, the SI module serves strictly as an on-site input device for additional information regarding the system, the device under test, the customer or repairs.

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