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Signametrics SM2044 - 6-1/2 Digit PCI Multimeter

Signametrics SM2044 - 6-1/2 Digit PCI Multimeter

6-1/2 Digit PCI Multimeter

  • DC & AC Volts & Current, 2-Wire, 4-Wire, 6-Wire Ohms
  • Measure 1 µV to 330 V
  • True AC RMS measurements, 10Hz to 100kHz
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency counter 1 Hz to 300 kHz
  • Inductance
  • Leakage
  • 6-Wire Guard
  • VDC, VAC, IDC Source
  • 1000 readings/second
  • proven reliability
  • Plug-and-Play software with graphical user interface
  • Fully programmable with Visual Basic, C++, LabView etc.

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Signametrics newer SM2064 Multimeter has all the capabilities of the SM2044, significantly higher speed and accuracy, for a modest increase in price.

Hardware Components

The SM2044 digital multimeter is a PCI card that slides directly into any PCI slot in your computer. Signal leads go straight from the SM2044 to the test application or to a switching card. This eliminates the need for IEEE488 or other controller languages.

By cutting down on the number of components and connections in your test system, the plug-in DMM provides a reliable, cost effective and concise automated measurement capabilities, without compromising performance.

Software Interface:

The software included with the SM2044 contains a simple, quick and clean installation package. Unlike some other products, it will not change any of the S/W tools, or your computer environment, nor will it store hundreds of megabytes of files on your hard drive. Once this Plug-and-Play package is installed, a graphical control panel (seen below) is available to try out your SM2044. All of the familiar DMM controls are available through this virtual front panel. You have the option to control the SM2044 without doing any programming or configuration straight out of the box.

Automated applications can be configured using Visual Basic, C, C++, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestPoint, ATEasy, Matlab, Delphi and more. Programming the DMM is made simple by an API that provides high level commands. An on-board controller insures that the SM2044 will operate properly on operating systems with a slower real-time response. The SM2044 comes with drivers for Windows and Linux systems.

Common Applications of Signametrics DMMs:

The SM2044 is suitable for a wide variety of uses. This includes automated production testing, laboratory automation, and Portable/field testing. Major users of Signametrics DMMs are in automotive and aerospace industries, education, and research & development.

Safe and Reliable:

For safety and accuracy the SM2044 has a 330V isolation barrier from the PC, making it a true differential and floating instrument. The rugged input protection enhances reliability. Accuracy is maintained with state of the art precision components.


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