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TandD RTR-05A1

TandD RTR-05A1

Options For RTR-51/51A/52/52A/52Pt/53/53A, RVR-52A

Voltage Input: DC6V
Back-up Power: Ni-MH Battery (In case of power loss)
Back-up Time : 4 days
Charging Method : Trickle Charge
Operating Temperature : 0 to 60°C
Waterproof Capacity : None
Weight : about 37g (without AC Adaptor)

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Dostupnosť: Nedostupné

Kit Contents : AC Adaptor (AD-0604) x1 or AC Adaptor (AD-0638 (*1) ) x 1
Attachment hook x1
Rubber Packing x1 (for back of main unit)
Rubber Packing (small) x1 (for AC Adaptor jack)
Silica Gel Pack (drying agent) x1
Double-sided Adhesive Tape x1(for fastening silica gel)
Screws x 2 (extras for fastening back of main unit)

(*1)AD-0638:Contact your local authorizes representative.


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