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TandD RTR-57U

TandD RTR-57U

RTR-57U - Wireless Data Collector

Our Revolutionary Wireless RTR-5 Series is a system wherein the data measured and recorded by the data logger units can be transmitted to any of our handy multi-functional Communication Interfaces (RTR-57U / RTR-50 / RTR-5W) via short wave radio communication.
The transmission range is up to 100 meters if direct and unobstructed. Ther RTR-5 Series gives you the power to check data, start and stop recording and collect data on-site without ever having to gather the units.

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Wireless Data Communication Function
Our RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A and RVR-52A Data Logger units utilize the RTR-57U to collect recorded temperature data from the units via our exclusive short-wave wireless technology. The RTR-57U also allows you to wirelessly control recording settings and start recording, as well as other functions of the Data Loggers. Moreover, the Data Loggers can wirelessly transmit measurements in the wide range of -30°C to 80°C from distances of up to 100 meters if unobstructed and direct.

Note: If collecting data via wireless communication, it is necessary to register via computer the RTR-51A,52A,52Pt,53A and RVR-52A as Remote Units and the RTR-57U as the Base Unit. The data recorded by the Remote Units can be downloaded via optical communication by placing it on the communication port of the RTR-57U.

Easy Data Collection from a Variety of Units
The RTR-57U can collect data from any RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A and RVR-52A unit as well as from any TR-5 or TR-7 Series unit. Data downloading can be carried out with any RTR unit via wireless communication or by simply placing it front down on the communication pad area as done with the TR-5 series units. Data from other types of units can be downloaded via the provided communication cable connection.

Graphic Display on LCD
The RTR-57U gives you a high quality graph display of collected data. Each graph displays the data for one channel and can be easily scrolled across by using the handy operation dial or the buttons on the front of the main unit. This function gives you the data you want in an easy-to-understand format.

When there are two channels of data, you can switch channels by pushing in the operation dial for 1.5 seconds.

Monitor Readings while Downloading
By making upper and lower limit settings on the RTR-57U you can check the recorded data as it is collected for irregularities and the results will be displayed.
If an RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A or RVR-52A unit has already been set with its own upper and lower limits, those values will take precedence over the values set in the RTR-57U.

Data Capacity: 260,000 Readings
The data capacity for the RTR-57U is 260,000 readings. That is a large enough capacity to collect data from 16 units of RTR-51A/52A/52Pt/53A or RVR-52A at full capacity (16,000 readings).
It can also collect and process up to 250 data recording sessions.

Manage Recording Settings without a Computer
Besides controlling the collection of data, the RTR-57U can manage various recording settings such as: Recording Mode, Recording Interval, Programmed Recording Settings and Immediate Record.
This enables the user to easily control various recording settings for a variety of models on-site without the need for a computer.

USB Connection for Quick Easy Download
The USB connection for PC brings the user increased speed for transferring settings, gathering settings and for downloading data.

Radio Wave Monitor
This function enables the user to check the condition of radio wave transmissions.
Depending on the location of the logger, at special frequencies there may be some instances in which, due to radio wave interference or other causes, communication capability does not meet expected standards. To help avoid interference and reduce the chances of poor transmission, we suggest that before registering a Remote Unit you check the condition of radio wave transmissions and when creating a new Group assign the units to an empty frequency channel.

User Friendly Operation Dial
Our easy-to-hold operation dial makes menu selection and operation a snap. By simply moving the dial up and down you can scan the menu and easily make a selection by pressing in on the dial.

Backlight Display for Viewing in Dark Places
The RTR-57U comes equipped with a backlit display for easy viewing even in low light environmnets.
The backlight can be switched ON/ OFF in the main menu. If set to be ON, it will light up when operation begins and automatically turn off when operation stops for a few seconds saving battery energy.
Note: If an outside power source is being used (AC Adaptor) the backlight function will normally be ON. The above figure is an image and not a photograph.

Trustworthy Backup Function
When battery life goes low, the RTR-57U backup function first displays a battery life warning and then goes into automatic sleep mode. Thereby, the main unit cannot be turned on and all data will be safely stored without loss.

Note: If after going in to sleep mode, the battery is not changed for about 1 month, or if the battery is left out of the main unit for more than 3 minutes, all data will be lost.

Over 100 Hours on 2 Alkaline Batteries Energy Saving Auto Power Off Function
The RTR-57U takes advantage of our exclusive circuitry design to bring over 100 operating hours worth of power on only 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Energy efficiency is further enhanced with our Auto Power Off Function that turns off the main unit when not in use.
Note: Battery Life varies according to type of battery, measuring environment, transmission frequency, and ambient temperature. This estimate of battery life was based on normal use under normal conditions using a new battery. This is in no way or manner a guarantee of battery life.

Lightweight, Pocket-sized Ergonomic Design

The main unit"s lightweight (125g) pocket-sized design increases mobility and decreseas complications when collecting data. (Possible to connect a cellular phone strap for easy handling.)
Moreover, the ergonomic design was created in the pursuit of an easy-to-use human friendly product.

Compatible ModelsRTR-51(L)/51A(L)/52(L)/52A(L)/52Pt(L)/53(L)/53A(L)/RVR-52A(L)
TR-51A/52, TR-71U/72U, VR-71
Recording Capacity16 Units of RTR-51/51A/52/52A/52Pt/53/53A or RVR-52A at full data
16,000 readings x 16 = 256,000 readings
Can hold up to 250 downloading sessions
FunctionsDownloading data (possible to display results of upper and lower limit check after downloading)/Display Saved Data Graphs / Display Highest and Lowest Temperature / Set Recording Start for Remote Data Loggers / Delete stored data (one reading / all readings) / Monitor Current Temperature / Search for Remote Units Wave Check (10-level display of radio wave strength for each channel (0-21ch.))
LCD DisplayOperation Menu / Graph Display / Low Battery Life Warning /
Calendar and Clock / Contrast Adjustment / Backlighting
PowerTwo AAA Alkaline Batteries (LR03)
Can use rechargeable AAA Ni-Cd or Ni-MH 1.2V batteries
AC Adaptor(Optional) :AD-0604 or AD-0638(*1)
(*1)Contact your local authorizes representative.
Battery Life100 hrs under Continuous Operation
Auto Power Off Function(Turns unit off after 3 minutes of non-use)
Data BackupAbout 1 year with switch off
Data erased if all battery power is lost
Wireless SpecificationsETSI EN 300-220 [ Frequency Range: 433.050 to 434.79MHz ],
FCC Part15 Section249 / IC RSS-210 [ Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz ]
Transmission DistanceUp to 100 meters wireless (May vary with conditions)
for PC: USB (Fullspeed) / Serial (19200bps)
for Data Logger: Serial (9600bps) / Optical (2400bps) / Wireless
Communication Time
Data from RTR-57U to Computer:
USB:One Full Logger


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