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TandD RTR-61-210

TandD RTR-61-210

RTR-61 - Wireless Food Core Temperature Data Logger

The RTR-61 “Wireless Core Temperature Data Logger” is a handy-type device which acts both as a thermometer and a temperature recorder that has been designed to easily measure and record the internal temperature of food items and liquid temperature, featuring a needle-type sensor. The RTR-61 enables effective HACCP-based temperature management for food safety, making it ideal for use in food-processing environments. This product has been designed to meet IP64 standards (splash resistant; rated for use in daily life).
When the <REC> button on the RTR-61 unit is pressed, the Temperature, Date / Time, User Name, Item and Over-Limit Judgment are recorded into the RTR-61. The sensor type and length can be selected to meet individual needs.
In order to carry out the downloading of data from an RTR-61 unit, it is necessary to purchase one of the Push Wireless Communication Sets “RTR-61SK or RTR-61SK-W” (sold separately).

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Simple Measuring and Recording with One-Push of Button
Temperature can be recorded by simply inserting the tip of the sensor into the object to be measured and pushing the <REC> button on the RTR-61 unit. Up to 1,800 data readings can be recorded into the RTR-61.

Temperature measurement is possible from - 25 °C to 235°C (-13°F to 455°F).

Simultaneously Records User Name, Item Name and Judgment Result
Not only the Temperature but also the Date / Time, Item Name, User Name and Judgment Result can be recorded into the RTR-61.

[Item Name / User Name]
The software makes it easy to register Item Names and User Names. After selecting the desired Item and User Name from the Registration List, temperature measurement can be carried out.

[Judgment Result]
Displays the result as to whether the measured temperature falls within the acceptable range set for that item.

Easy-to-Read LCD Display
The RTR-61 is designed with a high quality graphic LCD display with a resolution of 132 x 64 pixels. The LCD backlight allows the display to be easily read even in low light. Also, the contrast function can be easily adjusted for better viewing.

Communication Set enables Total Control and Management (sold separately)

Coupled with the Base Unit (RTR-50 or RTR-5W) included in the "Push Wireless Communication Sets (RTR-61SK or RTR-61SK-W)", our exclusive software (RTR-61 for Windows) enables total control over RTR-61 functions.
[Wait for Constant Temp Function]
If the "Wait for Constant Temp Function" is active when the <REC> button is pressed, the temperature will not be recorded until temperature stabilization has been achieved.
[Send Messages and Remote Measurement Commands from PC]
The software includes functions which allow a Management Operator to not only send "Remote Measurement Commands" to Remote Units but also allows for the collection and viewing of that measured and recorded data. It also includes a “Send Messages” function which permits the sending of any created message to RTR-61 unit(s) in the field.

Measurement ItemTemperature
Measurement Range- 25 °C to 235°C
Temperature SensorThermistor
Measurement AccuracyLess than 10 °C :±1.5°C130°C to 150°C :±1.0°C
10 °C to 40 °C:±1.0°C150°C to 180°C :±1.5°C
40 °C to 85 °C:±0.8°C180°C to 200°C:±2.0°C
85°C to 110°C:±0.5°CMore than 200°C:±2.5°C
110°C to 130°C :±0.8°C
Measurement / Display Resolution0.1°C
Measuring / Display Interval0.5 seconds
Number of Recorded Data1800 data readings
LCD DisplayDate and Time, Measured Value, Battery Life Warning
Unit of Temperature (°C/°F) , User, Items
Temp. Judgment LED DisplayOut of Range: Red LED Blinks
Within Range: Green LED Blinks
Clock ResolutionDay / Month / Year / Hour / Minute / Second
Clock AccuracyWithin +/- 1 second per day (at 25°C)
BatteryAAA Alkaline Batteries (LR03) x 2
(AAA Ni-Cd, Ni-MH Batteries also compatible)
Battery LifeAbout 1 month
(when used for PUSH recording every 10 minutes for 16 hours a day)
InterfaceWireless Communication / Optical Communication
OpticalCommunication Speed2400bps
(When downloading 1 unit of full data: about 2 minutes and 30 seconds)
WirelessWireless SpecificationsETSI EN 300-220 [ Frequency Range: 433.050 to 434.79MHz ],
FCC Part15 Section249 / IC RSS-210 [ Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz ]
Communication SpeedWhen downloading 1 unit of full data: about 6 minutes
Transmission RangeApproximately 100m (May vary with conditions)
AntennaInternal Type
Unit Water ResistanceIP64 (dust / splash resistant <rated for use in daily life>)
Dimensions146.8mm x 40mm x 37.9mm (excluding sensor part)
Unit WeightAbout 83g (Including 2 AAA batteries; excluding sensor)
Operating Environment- 10°C to 60°C



1: LCD Display
3:Optical Communication Area
4:<MENU> Button
6:Power Button
7:Cursor Buttons (moving Up and Down)
8:Push Record LED(Orange)
9:Judgment LED (Red / Green)
10:Battery Cover


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