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TandD RTR-71

TandD RTR-71

RTR-7 Series - Wireless Data Logger (for Europe only)

Our revolutionary wireless data logger allows you to transfer recorded temperature and humidity data to your computer effortlessly via wireless communication.
It also boasts a variety of functions including Auto Downloading of recorded data and a Warning Monitoring funcition that informs you when a reading has exceeded your set limits.

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Application Examples
*Monitor and Record Automatic Warehouse Data.
*Monitor and Record Refrigerator and Freezer Data.
*Monitor and Record Greenhouse Data.
*Monitor and Record Air-conditioning Operation.
*Monitor and Record Museum and Gallery Data.
*Monitor and Record Factory Instrument and Machinery Data.

RTR-5 and RTR-7 Series Wireless data loggers have been approved for use
We cannot sell these products to distributors or consumers in countries other than where the wireless units have been approved for use. If these wireless products are used outside of the designated areas of Europe and Australia / New Zealand, T&D Corporation shall in no manner whatsoever take responsibility for the usage of these products, nor be liable in any manner for legal consequences stemming from the usage of these wireless products in unapproved areas.

Wireless Data Communication Function
From the Base Unit connected to your computer you can easily collect temperature and humidity measurements and recorded data from the Remote Units via short wave radio waves. Communication can take place within up to 400 meters if unobstructed and clear.
Note: If the area is not clear and unobstructed, it is possible to use a Repeater to extend the distance. But, only one Repeater can be used between a Base Unit and a set of Remote Units.

Up to 126 units in 1 Group / Up to 32 Groups
Software Set RTR-70 allows you to create and manage up to 32 communication groups assigned to 1 Base Unit and in each group you can register and communicate with up to 126 Remote Units.

3-month Lithium Battery Life /Data Backup Function
A Remote Unit can run for about 3 months consecutively on 1 lithium battery. When battery power becomes low, a warning is displayed and data is automatically saved. For prolonged use we suggest using the optional AC adaptor (AD-0604).
Note: Battery life will depend on the recording environment, recording interval, communication frequency, and ambient temperature. The above battery life test was carried out using brand new batteries and in no way do we guarantee a battery"s life.

2 Measurement and Recording Channels
RTR-71 can measure and record temperature on 2 separate channels, RTR-72 has 1 channel for measuring and recording temperature and 1 channel for humidity. You can select a recording interval from 8 choices, ranging from 1minute to 1 hour.

RTR-71 can measure and record temperature on 2 separate channels, RTR-72 has 1 channel for measuring
Office / Building / Factory / Store

Warning Monitoring Function for Temperature / Humidity
Our software allows you to set upper and lower limits for each channel (Temp / Temp or Temp / Humidity) and set the monitoring function to periodically check each channel. If a limit has been exceeded a warning will be displayed on your computer screen. Settings can be made differently for each Remote Unit. Perfect for use in tracking and documenting for HACCP.

Current Reading Monitoring
This function makes it easy and effortless to monitor from your computer current temperature and humidity data readings from any number of remote units at your choice of time interval.

1 Unit, 3 Roles
Any unit (RTR-71 / 72) can be made into a Remote, a Repeater or a Base Unit by way of setting it up with the software Set RTR-70.
Note: Units that have been set up as Base or Repeater Units can not measure, display or record temperature or humidity.

Measurement Channels2 Channels1 Temp. / 1 Humidity Channel
Measurement ItemTemperatureTemperature / Humidity
Measurement-60 to 155°C0 to 50°C/10 to 95%RH
Measurement Accuracy±0.3°C (-20 to 80°C)
0.5°C (-40 to -20/80 to 110°C)
±1.0°C (-60 to -40/110 to 160°C)
±0.3°C / ±5%RH (At 25°C 50%RH)
Measurement Display Resolution0.1°C0.1°C / 1%RH
SensorThermistorThermistor / Polymer Sensor
Recording Interval1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60 minutes / Total of 8 choices
Recording Capacity1440 Readings x 2 Channel
Recording MethodEndless Method (Overwrite from the oldest data when recording capacity is full)
Display ItemsCurrent Temperature/ Recording Settings / Battry Life Warning / Exceed Measurement Range Warning / Reading Capacity / Unit of Temperature
Current Temperature Display ON/OFF (Set with Software )
BatteryLithium (CR123A) x 1 or AC Adaptor (AD0604)
Battery LifeApproximately 3 months (Battery life differs depending on measurement environment and battery performance.)
Data Back-upLow Battery Power
InterfaceSerial Communication (RS-232C Between Base Unit and computer)
Wireless SpecificationsETSI EN 300-220 [ Frequency Range: 434.040 to 434.79MHz ]
Transmission RangeApproximately 400m (May vary with conditions)
Communication SpeedDownload at 2400bps (100 Sec./ per unit when data is full / without Repeater)
DimensionsH92mm x W66mm x D35mm (Excludes antenna)
WeightApproximately 120g (including one lithium battery)
Unit Temperature ResistanceTemperature: 0 to 50°C
Humidity: Less than 90%RH (Without dew condensation)
Standard SensorTR-5320 x 2
(Sensor with Stainless Protection)
TR-3220 x 1
Temperature and Humidity Sensor



2:LCD Display
3:Sensor Jack
4:Battery Compartment
5:Serial Communication Jack
6:AC Adapter Jack
8:Aluminum Protection Pipe


2:LCD Display
3:Sensor Jack
4:Battery Compartment
5:Serial Communication Jack
6:AC Adapter Jack
8:Polpropylene Resin Cover
9:Temp / Humidity Sensor


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