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TTi EB2025T - DC zdroj s tromi výstupmi 20V/0.25A (15W)

TTi EB2025T - DC zdroj s tromi výstupmi 20V/0.25A (15W)

Twin variable outputs to 20V
Analogue meter for voltage and current levels
Fixed 5V logic level output
All outputs fully isolated
Good line & load regulation, low output noise
Protection for shorts, forward & reverse voltage
Compact, lightweight design

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The EB2025T is a general purpose bench power supply intended for applications requiring stable and controllable sources of DC voltage at low cost. Three independent and fully isolated outputs are provided.
Output A is a fixed 5 volt output with a maximum current capability of 1 amp and full short circuit protection. Outputs B and C are independently adjustable from 0.3 volts up to 20 volts with a maximum current capability of 250 milliamps each.
The built-in analogue meter can be set to measure voltage or current for either of these outputs. 
Outputs B and C also offer fully variable control of the current limit point. This can be used to provide over-current protection for delicate circuits.
Alternatively the outputs can be used as constant current sources with automatic crossover between constant voltage and constant current operation. 
The outputs can operate continuously into a short circuit at maximum current setting. Because they are fully isolated, outputs B and C can be externally connected either in series or in parallel to provide voltages up to 40 volts or currents up to 500 milliamps.
All three outputs are protected against accidental connection of forward or reverse voltages. 


Voltage Range0.3V to 20V minimum
Current Range1mA to 250mA minimum.
Voltage SettingBy single linear rotary control.
Current SettingBy front panel screwdriver adjustment
Operating ModeConstant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over.
Output ProtectionOutputs will withstand forward voltages up to 30V. Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents up to 1A.
Load Regulation<0-2% of max. output for 90% load change.
Line Regulation<0-1% of max. output for 10% line change.
Ripple<2mV rms
Meter Accuracy± 5% of reading ± 0.5% of full-scale.
Voltage5V ±  0.2V
Current Limit1A minimum.
Output ProtectionOutput will withstand up to 16V forward voltage. Diode clamp reverse protection for currents up to 1A.
Ripple<2mV rms
Load Regulation<2% for a 90% load change.
Line Regulation<0.2% for a 10% line change.
Status IndicationOverload lamp (current >1 Amp).
Output Terminals4mm terminals on 19mm (0.75") pitch.
AC Input230V AC or 115V AC ± 10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II.
Power Consumption50VA max
Operating Range+5°C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH.
Storage Range-40°C to +70°C.
EnvironmentalIndoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 1.
SafetyComplies with EN61010-1.
EMCComplies with EN50081-1 & EN50082-1.
Size220 x 82 x 230mm.
Weight1.8 kg.


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