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TTi PL154 - Presný laboratórny zdroj 15V/4A (60W)

TTi PL154 - Presný laboratórny zdroj 15V/4A (60W)

65W to 240W, Linear, Single, Dual & Triple Output

  "Industry Standard" laboratory PSU range
  15V/4A ; LED displays
  Wide model range, single, dual or triple outputs
  Separate digital meters for voltage and current
  Twin 3¾ digit meters with 12.5mm LEDs 
  0.1% accuracy, 10mV and 1mA resolution
  Parallel, series and tracking modes on duals/triples
  High current 5V logic output on triples

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The Thurlby Thandar PL series of laboratory bench power supplies has established itself in many countries as an “industry standard” range.

Digital accuracy and convenience
PL series units incorporate digital meters with a 3.75 digit scale length (4095 counts) to provide greater accuracy and resolution than other PSUs.
Large and bright LEDs give a clear and unambiguous reading. An update rate of 4 per second provides near instantaneous response.
Separate meters are used for voltage and current, eliminating the need for meter function switches with their attendant problems of misinterpretation.
A damping switch for the current meter simplifies measurements on rapidly varying loads.

Greater resolution and control
The PL series sets the standard for simple and comprehensive control. Voltages are set with coarse and fine controls for speed with precision. Currents are set with a semi-logarithmic control for increased resolution at low current levels.
The DC output switch enables voltage and current levels to be set before the load is connected. With the output switch “off” the the current limit set point is displayed. With the output switch “on” the actual output current flowing is displayed.
This invaluable feature allows delicate circuits to be protected by accurately setting the current limit level (down to a few milliamps if necessary) before connecting the circuit under test.


Remote sense for precision at high currents
Remote sense terminals enable the precision to be maintained at high currents by eliminating the effects of connection lead resistance.
Without remote sense lead resistance of just a few tens of milliohms can seriously degrade regulation and produce misleading results. (Two cables of 0.05W each will drop a total of 0.3V at 3 Amps.)

Quad-mode duals and triples
The  32V-2A and 32V-3A supplies are each available as a dual unit incorporating push button selection of four modes of operation:

Isolated - 2 x single outputs

True Parallel - The Master acts as a single supply of twice the current capability.

Series - Outputs connected in series but with independent control.

Series Tracking - As series but both voltages are set with the Master voltage control.

Each of the quad-mode dual models is alternatively available as a triple supply incorporating one further independent output. This is a higher current 5 Volt output intended for powering logic circuits. 

Safety and protection
PL series PSUs are designed and built to meet the stringent requirements of IEC348 and IEC1010.
All outputs are fully protected against short circuit, reverse voltage and reverse currents.

Output Range0 - 32 Volts nominal; 0 - 15.5V (PL154).
0 - 2.1A (PL320); 0 - 3.1A (PL330); 0 - 4A (PL154).
Voltage SettingBy coarse and fine controls; resolution <5mV.
Current SettingBy single logarithmic control.
Output ModeConstant voltage or constant current modes with automatic cross-over.
Configuration SelectionIsolated, True parallel, Series or Series Tracking via front panel switches. (QMD and QMT only)
Output SwitchIsolates the output. Permits voltage and current limits to be set up before connecting the load.
Output Terminals4mm terminals on 19mm (0.75") spacing.
Output ImpedanceConstant Voltage Typically <5mW at 1kHz.
Constant Current Typically 50kW.
Output ProtectionMax. output voltage +20 volts forward; diode clamped for reverse, up to 3A reverse current.
Load Regulation<0.01% of max. output for 90% load change
Line Regulation<0.01% of max. output for 10% line change
Remote SenseEliminates up to 0.5V drop per lead.
Ripple and NoiseTypically <1mV rms
Transient Response<20usec to <50mV for 90% load change
Temp. CoefficientTypically <100ppm/°C
Meter TypeDual 4 digit with 12.5mm LEDS, Reading rate 4 per second.
Meter ResolutionVoltage 10mV over the entire range, Current 1mA over the entire range
Meter AccuracyVoltage ±(0.1% of reading + 1 digit), Current ±(0.3% of reading + 1 digit)
Current Meter DampingNominally 20ms, switchable to 2 sec for averaging of rapidly varying loads
Output Range4 to 6 Volts at 0.1 - 4 Amps (7A on PL330QMT).
Output SwitchIsolates the output and permits output voltage to be set before connecting the load.
Output ProtectionOver-voltage protection operates above 7V.Diode clamped for reverse currents up to 3A.
Load Regulation<0.01% of max. output for 90% load change
Line Regulation<0.01% of max. output for 10% line change
Remote SenseEliminates up to 0.5V drop per lead.
Ripple and NoiseTypically <1mV rms
Transient Response<20µsec to <50mV for 90% load change
Temp. CoefficientTypically <100ppm/°C
Meter Type3 digit with 12.5mm LEDs. Reading rate 4/s. Shows volts with output off, amps with output on.
Meter ResolutionVoltage 10mV, Current 10mA
Meter AccuracyVoltage ±(0.2% of reading + 1 digit ), Current ±(0.5% of reading + 1 digit )
Power Requirements110, 120, 220 or 240VAC 50/60Hz ±10%
Operating Range5°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% RH
Storage Range-20°C to +60°C
SizeSingle - 170(H) x 155(W) x 265mm(D), (PL330 - 300D)
Dual - 170(H) x 350(W) x 265mm(D), (PL330QMD - 300D)
Triple - 170(H) x 425(W) x 265mm(D), (PL310QMD - 350W, PL330QMD - 300D)
WeightPL320 & PL154 - 5.0kg, PL330 - 6.0kg, PL320QMD - 9.5kg, PL330QMD - 12.0kg, PL320QMT - 13.5kg, PL330QMT - 15.5kg.
Electrical SafetyDesigned and manufactured to comply with IEC 348 and IEC1010-1. Full safety sockets available to special order.
EMCDesigned and manufactured to comply with EN50081–1 and EN50082–1.


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