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TTi TS3021S - Laboratórny stabilizovaný zdroj s lineárnou reguláciou 30V/2A (60W)

TTi TS3021S - Laboratórny stabilizovaný zdroj s lineárnou reguláciou 30V/2A (60W)

Bench dc power supplies

  TS3021S - 30V/2A, LCD displays
  Separate digital meters for voltage and current
  True constant voltage or constant current operation
  Twin 3½ digit meters with 12.5mm LCD displays
  0.2% accuracy, 10mV and 1mA resolution
  Precise current limit control and monitor system
  DC output switch, automatic mode indication

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The Thurlby Thandar TS series of laboratory bench power supplies has become highly regarded throughout the world for its performance and reliability. High resolution controls enable precise setting of voltage and current levels whilst high accuracy digital meters provide clear, unambiguous readings.
Digital accuracy and convenience
TS series units incorporate digital meters with 3.5 digit LCD displays to provide greater accuracy and resolution than other PSUs.
Separate meters are used for voltage and current, eliminating the need for meter function switches.
Greater resolution and control
The TS series sets the standard for simple and comprehensive control. Voltages are set with coarse and fine controls for speed with precision. Currents are set with a semi-logarithmic control for increased resolution at low currents.
With the output switch ‘off’ the current limit set point is displayed. With the output switch ‘on’ the actual output current flowing is displayed.
This invaluable feature allows delicate circuits to be protected by accurately setting the current limit level (down to a few milliamps if necessary) before connecting the circuit under test.

Constant voltage or constant current
TS series units can operate in constant voltage or constant current mode (not TS3023 logic output).
Remote sense for high current precision
TS series units incorporate integrated band-gap reference diodes as the basis for stabilisation of both voltage and current.  
Remote sense terminals enable the precision to be maintained at high currents by eliminating the effects of connection lead resistance.
Without remote sense, lead resistance of just a few tens of milliohms can seriously degrade regulation and produce misleading results. (Two cables of just 0.05W each will drop a total of 0.3V at 3 Amps)
Safety and protection
TS series PSUs are designed and built to meet the latest safety and EMC requirements. All outputs are fully protected against short circuits, external overvoltage and reverse voltage.
Main Outputs
Voltage Setting:By coarse and fine controls; resolution better than 5mV across the range.
Current Setting:By single logarithmic control.
Output   Mode:The outputs operate in constant current or constant voltage mode with automatic cross-over.
Output Switch:Isolates the output and permits voltage and current limits to be set before connecting the load.
Output Terminals:4mm terminals on 19mm (.75") spacing.
Output Impedance:CV - typically <5mW at 1kHz 
CI - typically >50kW.
Output Protection:Up to max. output voltage +20 Volts forward; diode clamped for reverse voltages at up to 3A.
Load Regulation:<0.01 % of max. output for 50% load change.
Line Regulation:<0.01 % of max. output for 10% line change.
Remote  Sense:Eliminates up to 0.5V drop per lead.
Ripple and Noise:Typically <1mV rms.
Transient Response:<20usec to <50mV for 90% load change.
Temp. Coefficient:Typically <100ppm/°C.
Meter Type:Independent autoranging 12.5mm 3.5-digit LCDs for voltage and current indication.
Meter Resolution:Voltage - 10mV up to 20V, 100mV above 20V  Current - 1mA up to 2A, 10mA above 2A.
Meter Accuracy:Voltage - 0.2% of reading + 1 digit.  Current - 0.5% of reading + 1 digit.
Input   Voltage:Internally set for 110, 120, 220, 240V; 50/60Hz.
Input Voltage Range:± 10% of voltage setting.
Power Consumption:150VA - single units, 300VA - dual/triple units.
Operating Range:5°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% RH.
Storage Range:-20°C to +60°C.
Electrical Safety:Complies with EN61010-1.
EMC:Complies with EN55011 and EN50082-1.
Size:160(W) x 160(H) x 238mm(D), single unit 308(W) x 160(H) x 238mm(D), dual unit 
Weight:4.9kg single, 9.6kg dual.


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