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Range of Test Instruments for VDE 0100 / IEC 60364.6

A broad-range measuring device allows for use of the test instrument in all alternating and 3-phase electrical systems with voltages from 65 to 500 V and frequencies of 15.4 to 420 Hz.

   Standard   at 300 V   at 600 V

Loop and line impedance measurement
Measurement of insulation resistance using nominal voltage, with variable or rising test voltage
Low-resistance measurement
Earth resistance measurement
Standing-surface insulation measurement
Universal connector system

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Special features:

Display of approved fuse types for electrical systems
Energy meter start-up testing
Calculation of cable lengths for common copper wire cross-sections
Measurement of biasing, leakage and circulating current of up to 1 A, as well as working current of up to 150 A with Clip 0100S current sensor clamp as accessory
Phase sequence measurement (including highest line-to-line voltage)

 Testing of residual current devices (RCCBs)

Measurement of contact voltage without tripping the RCCB. Contact voltage is measured with reference to nominal residual current using 1/3 of the nominal residual current value.
Tripping test with nominal residual current, tripping time measurement

Special tests for systems and RCCBs

Testing of equipment and RCCBs with rising residual current including indication of tripping current and contact voltage at the moment the RCCB is tripped
Testing of RCCBs with: ½ × IN, 1× IN, 2× IN, 5× IN
Testing of RCCBs which are suitable for pulsating residual direct current; testing is conducted with positive or negative half-waves
Testing of RCCBs with adjustable residual current for determining contact voltage

Testing of special RCCBs (with PROFITEST MTECH)

Selective S, SRCDs, PRCDs (Schukomat, Sidos and others), types G/R, AC, A and B

Testing of RCCBs in IT systems 

RCD measurements  
UB measurement without tripping the RCCBxx
Tripping time measurementxx
Tripping current measurementxx
Selective, SRCDs, PRCDs, type G/Rxx
AC/DC sensitive RCDs, type B-x
Loop impedance, ZL-PE / ZL-N  
Fuse table for systems without RCDxx
Without tripping the RCD, fuse table-x
With 15 mA test current without tripping the RCDxx
Earth resistance RE  
I/U measuring method, mains poweredxx
Selective earth resistance
with probe, earth electrode and current clamp
Earth loop resistance REloop
with 2 clamp meters
Equipotential bonding measurement RLO  
Automatic polarity reversalxx
Insulation resistance RISO  
Variable or rising test voltagexx
Voltage measurement  
UL-N / UL-PE / UN-PE / fxx
Special measurements  
Leakage current (clamp meter measurement)xx
Meter start-upxx
Phase sequencexx
Standing-surface insulation ZSTxx
Earth leakage resistance RE (ISO)xx
Selectable user interface languagexx
Memory (database for up to 50,000 objects)xx
RS 232 port for scannerxx
USB port for data transmissionxx
ETC user software for PCxx
Measuring category CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 Vxx
DKD calibrationxx
Article number M520MM520o
Nominal Ranges of Use
Voltage UN120 V (108 ... 132 V)
230 V (196 ... 253 V)
400 V (340 ... 440 V)
Frequency fN16 2/3 Hz (15.4 ... 18 Hz)
50 Hz (49.5 ... 50.5 Hz)
60 Hz (59.4 ... 60.6 Hz)
200 Hz (190 ... 210 Hz)
400 Hz (380 ... 420 Hz)
Overall voltage range65 ... 550 V
Overall frequency range15.4 ... 420 Hz
Temperature range0 °C ... + 40 °C
Battery voltage8 ... 12 V
Line impedance anglecorresponds to cosφ = 1 ... 0.95
Probe resistance< 50 kΩ
Reference Conditions
Line voltage230 V ± 0.1%
Line frequency50 Hz ± 0.1%
Meas. qty. frequency45 Hz ... 65 Hz
Meas. qty. waveshapesine (deviation between RMS and rectified value ≤ 0.1%)
Line impedance anglecosφ = 1
Probe resistance≤ 10 Ω
Battery voltage12 V ± 0.5 V
Ambient temperature+ 23 °C ± 2 K
Relative humidity45% ... 55%
Finger contactpotential difference test at earth potential
Standing surface insulationpurely ohmic
Overload Capacity
RINS1200 V continuous
UL-PE, UL-N600 V continuous
RCD, RE, RF440 V continuous
ZL-PE, ZL-N550 V (limits the number of measurements and pause duration, a thermal protector switches the instrument off if overload should occur.)
RLOElectronic protection prevents the instrument from being switched on if interference voltage is present.
Fine-wire fulse protectionFF 3.15 A 10 s,
> 5 A - fuse blows
Electrical Safety
Protection classII per IEC 61010-1/EN 61010-1/ VDE 0411-1
Nominal voltage230/400 V (300/500 V)
Test voltage3,7 kV 50 Hz
Measuring categoryCAT III 600 V or CAT IV 300 V
Pollution degree2
Ambient Conditions
Accuracy0 ... + 40 °C
Operation–5 ... + 50 °C
Storage–20 ... + 60 °C (without batteries)
Relative humiditymax. 75%, no condensation
Elevationmax. 2000 m above sea level
Mechanical Design
Displaymultiple display with dot matrix 128 x 128 pixels
DimensionsWxLxD = 260 mm x 330 mm x 90 mm
Weightapprox. 2.3 kg with batteries
Protectionhousing: IP 40, test probe: IP 40 per EN 60529/DIN VDE 0470 part 1


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