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Hart Scientific 1502A - Vyhodnocovacie zariadenie s presnosťou merania ±0,006 °C

Hart Scientific 1502A - Vyhodnocovacie zariadenie s presnosťou merania ±0,006 °C

Vyhodnocovacie zariadenie Hart Scientific 1502A dosahuje presnosti merania až ±0,006 °C (model Hart Scientific 1504 je dokonca ešte presnejší, až ±0,002 °C). Naviac pri použití so sondami 100-ohm, 25-ohm a 10-ohm dosahuje rozlíšenie až 0,001 °C v celom rozsahu merania. Tento najmenší prístroj vo svojej triede je možné používať aj s voliteľnou batériovou sadou a tak zvýšiť prenosnosť pri kalibrácii.

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Each Tweener is programmable to match a probe’s constants for maximum linearity and accuracy. All probe constants and coefficients are programmed through simple, front-panel keystrokes. Temperature is displayed in  °C,  °F, K, or resistance in ohms. 

The 1502A accurately measures the resistance of the probe and then converts the resistance to a temperature value using its built-in algorithms. 

For convenience, the 1502A reads the common industrial grade IEC-751 or “385” ALPHA RTD without any programming. Enter the actual R0 and ALPHA of the individual probe for increased accuracy. For maximum accuracy, use the ITS-90 formulas. The Tweener accepts the subranges 4 and 6 through 11. 

ITS-90 formulas reside in the Tweener’s firmware. If your probe has been calibrated for any of the above subranges of the ITS-90, you simply enter the coefficients directly into your Tweener. 

Each thermometer comes complete with an RS-232 interface for automation of temperature data collection, calibrations, or process control functions. An IEEE-488 interface is available as an option. 

The 1502A is calibrated digitally using the front-panel buttons. You never have to open the box to calibrate it. This calibration protocol further reduces the cost of the 1502A. It goes where you go and works the way you want it to.




Temperature Range 

–200 °C to 962 °C (–328 °F to 1764 °F) 

Any thermistor range 

Resistance Range 

0W to 400W, auto-ranging 0W to 1 MW, auto-ranging 


Nominal RTPW: 10W to 100W



ITS-90 subranges 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11
IPTS-68: R0, a, d, a4, and c4
Callendar-Van Dusen: R0, a, d, and b 

Steinhart-Hart thermistor polynomial
Callendar-Van Dusen: R0, a, d, and b 

Resistance Accuracy
(ppm of reading) 

0W to 20W: 0.0005W
20W to 400W: 25 ppm 
0W to 5 KW: 0.5W
5 KW to 200 KW: 100 ppm
200 KW to 1 MW: 300 ppm 

Temperature Accuracy 

±0.004 °C at –100 °C
±0.006 °C at 0 °C
±0.009 °C at 100 °C
±0.012 °C at 200 °C
±0.018 °C at 400 °C
±0.024 °C at 600 °C

±0.002 °C at 0 °C
±0.002 °C at 25 °C
±0.004 °C at 50 °C
±0.010 °C at 75 °C
±0.020 °C at 100 °C
(Using 10 KW thermistor sensor, a=0.04.
Does not include probe uncertainty or characterization errors.) 

Operating Temperature Range 

16 °C to 30 °C 

13 °C to 33 °C 

Resistance Resolution 

0W to 20W: 0.0001W
20W to 400W: 0.001W 
0W to 10 KW: 0.01W
10 KW to 100 KW: 0.1W
100 KW to 1 MW: 1W 

Temperature Resolution 

0.001 °C 

0.0001 °C 

Excitation Current 

0.5 and 1 mA, user selectable, 2 Hz 

2 and 10 mA, automatically selected 

Measurement Period 

1 second 

Digital Filter 

Exponential, 0 to 60 seconds time constant (user selectable) 

Probe Connection 

4-wire with shield, 5-pin DIN connector 


RS-232 serial standard
IEEE-488 (GPIB) optional 


8-digit, 7-segment, yellow-green LED; 0.5-inch-high characters 


115 VAC (±10 %), 50/60 Hz, 1 A, nominal
230 VAC (±10 %), 50/60 Hz, 1 A, nominal, specify 

Size (HxWxD) 

61 x 143 x 181mm (2.4 x 5.6 x 7.1 in) 


1.0 kg (2.2 lb.) 

Probes from Hart

5615, 5627, 5626, 5628, 5622

5640-44, 5610-65


Accredited NIST-traceable calibration provided 

†Temperature ranges and accuracy may be limited by the sensor you use. 


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