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Hart Scientific 9210 - Mini TPW Maintenance Apparatus (–10 °C to 125 °C )

Hart Scientific 9210 - Mini TPW Maintenance Apparatus (–10 °C to 125 °C )

  • Easy preprogrammed realization
  • Inexpensive fixed-point solution
  • Training takes a few hours

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If the reason you don’t use fixed-point cells is because they’re too expensive or too difficult to use, you haven’t heard of Hart’s mini fixed-point apparatus. 

The triple point of water (0.01 °C) is one of the most important temperatures on the ITS-90. Unfortunately, realizing and maintaining triple point of water cells hasn’t always been convenient or cost-effective. 

Because ITS-90 calibrations require frequent measurements at the triple point of water, and because the triple point of water is often used as a statistical check against the drift of a temperature standard, it is important to be able to realize and maintain well-constructed triple point of water cells easily. 

Hart’s 9210 TPW Maintenance Apparatus provides built-in programming for the simple supercool-and-shake realization and maintenance of our 5901B Mini TPW Cell. Simply insert the cell, enter the “freeze” mode through the front-panel buttons, have your morning cup of coffee, and when the 9210 audibly alerts you, remove the Mini TPW Cell and give it a shake to initiate freezing a portion of the water. Re-insert the cell, change the program mode to “maintain,” and you’ve got 0.01 °C for the rest of the day with uncertainty of only ±0.0005 °C. 

Precision-machined thermal blocks can also be used to take advantage of the excellent stability and uniformity of the 9210 for performing comparison calibrations. Multi-hole and custom blocks are available with 178 mm (7 in) depths. 


Temperature Range 

–10 °C to 125 °C 

Ambient Operating Range 

5 °C to 45 °C 


±0.02 °C 

Vertical Gradient 

±0.05 °C over 100 mm at 0 °C 

Plateau Duration 

6–10 hours, typical 


0.01 ° (0.001 ° in program mode) 

Display Scale 

 °C or  °F, switchable 

Immersion Depth 

171 mm (6.75 in) in optional comparison block 

Stabilization Time 

15 minutes nominal 

Preheat Wells 

3 wells (for 3.18, 6.35, or 7.01 mm probes [0.125, 0.25, 0.276 in]) 

Fault Protection 

Adjustable software cutout using control probe; separate circuit thermocouple cutout for maximum instrument temperature 

Display Accuracy 

±0.25 °C 

Comparison Block 

Three multi-hole blocks, blanks, and custom blocks available 

Well-to-Well Gradient (in comparison block) 

±0.02 °C 

Heating Time 

Ambient to 100 °C: 45 min. 

Cooling Time 

Ambient to –5 °C: 25 min. 


RS-232 included 

Power Requirements 

115 VAC (±10 %), 60 Hz, 1.5 A, or
230 VAC (±10 %), 50 Hz, 0.75 A, 170 W 

Exterior Dimensions

489 x 222 x 260 mm (19.25 x 8.75 x 10.25 in) 


7 kg (15.5 lb.) with block 

Ordering Information


Mini TPW Maintenance Apparatus 


Mini TPW Cell 


Accredited Cell Intercomparison 


Comparison Insert, Blank 


Comparison Insert A, holes at 1.6 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.76 mm, 6.35 mm, 9.5 mm, and 12.7 mm (1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 in) 


Comparison Insert B, 2 holes at 4.76 mm (3/16 in), 2 at 6.35 mm (1/4 in), and 2 at 9.5 mm (3/8 in) 


Comparison Insert C, 6 holes at  6.35 mm (1/4 in) 


Call for other comparison insert options. 


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