Fluke Bm. 232D - Electrical Safety Analyzer

Fluke Bm. 232D - Electrical Safety Analyzer

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The 232D Electrical Safety Analyzer is a versatile, full-featured manual tester that combines both safety testing and ECG simulation in one portable package.
The test receptacle on the top panel simulates the standard single-fault conditions to assist technicians in assessing equipment safety. An internal GFCI protects both the operator and the equipment under test.
The 232D’s robust features simplify analysis of sophisticated equipment, such as 12-lead electrocardiographs or recorders. The device features a wide range of ECG simulations and performance testing waveforms, as well as 10 jacks for patient applied parts testing. The 232D conducts leakage current tests on all or individual patient electrodes and between specified patient electrode pairs.

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