Fluke Bm. ESA601 - Tester bezpečnosti zdravotníckych zariadení

Fluke Bm. ESA601 - Tester bezpečnosti zdravotníckych zariadení

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ESA601 Electrical Safety Analyzer tests medical equipment to both US and international standards. Users simply flip a switch to change between AAMI or IEC electrical safety testing load. The US version includes overlays in AAMI or IEC nomenclature so technicians use the terms that are most familiar to them. Multiple language overlays, outlets, and power cords are available for convenient use in many countries.

Ten applied part connections allow for lead-to-ground (patient), lead-to-lead (patient auxiliary), and lead isolation (mains on applied part) leakage testing of equipment with multiple applied parts.

Designed for on-the-go testing, the portable analyzer is lightweight and compact and comes with a sturdy handle for easy carrying.

For an automated solution, Fluke Biomedical’s Ansur software plug-in for the ESA601 allows technicians to use a PC to run autosequences, document results, and print reports.

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