Fluke Bm. Lagu 15500 - Tester pre infúzne pumpy

Fluke Bm. Lagu 15500 - Tester pre infúzne pumpy

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lagu Infusion Pump Tester completes tests according to IEC 601.2.24 standard. This includes taking flow measurements every 30 seconds so that the measurements are independent of the infusion pump’s flow rate. lagu is capable of detecting volume variations of 0.18 μl in a range of 0.10 ml/h to 1000 ml/hr.

The 2 channel lagu is a true dual channel infusion pump tester. Each channel is operated independently using its own measuring system.

lagu can test all types of infusion pumps. It carries out flow tests, bolus tests and occlusion alarm tests.

PRO-Soft lagu software lets you to remotely control one of the channels from a PC. It allows you to create automated test sequences, run the tests, print the results, and/or store them to disk. With PRO-Soft lagu, you may automatically test infusion pumps over long periods and against various loads. PRO-Soft is also designed to retrieve information from an equipment management database and update the database with test results.

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