Fluke Bm. VT Mobile - Merač prietoku...

Fluke Bm. VT Mobile - Merač prietoku plynov

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VT MOBILE is a compact and portable general-purpose gas-flow analyzer designed to meet the needs of the traveling technician or engineer. This versatile tool evaluates performance of a wide variety of medical gas-flow/pressure devices and measures 16 ventilator parameters.
The easy-to-use front panel has onboard graphing ability, allowing technicians to view waveforms right on the tool"s screen. Test results can be stored in the unit and uploaded to a computer later for viewing or printing using VT for Windows. The VT for Windows PC software provides, among other features, simultaneous display of all 16 ventilator parameters to speed performance testing and other evaluations. EC.6.20 now requires completion of 100% of life-support device preventive maintenance every year. VT MOBILE can help you meet those requirements. The base unit measures high- and low-flow ranges, volume, pressure, and oxygen concentration. Additionally, the temperature and relative humidity option can be ordered separately to ensure the most accurate gas-flow measurements. VT MOBILE can be purchased with the ACCU LUNG portable, precision test lung, or other precision and non-precision test lungs, each of which can also be purchased separately.

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