GMC Climo

GMC Climo

Výroba bola ukončená.

Super Climate

The CLIMO FM indoor climate measuring system from GMC-I Gossen-Metrawatt is a universal, multifunctional measuring instrument for the measurement of air and contact temperature, air speed and relative atmospheric humidity, as well as for class 1 acoustic signal analysis and type B illuminance.

The range of applications covers the measurement of ambient temperature in buildings, storage facilities, laboratories, garden centers schools etc., testing of heating and air-conditioning systems and the measurement of illuminance at the workplace. Calculation of PMV, PPD and WBGT indices is also possible, as is sound level measurement and analysis at the workplace and the measurement and analysis of ambient sound levels.

The CLIMO FM unites several measuring instruments and allows for simultaneous use of several sensors at the instrument. Thanks to its special design, handling of the instrument is very easy: All of the utilized sensors are connected directly to the instrument without additional cables, making it possible for the user to hold it with just one hand.

The CLIMO FM is equipped with a graphics display with 16 x 160 pixels and background illumination. A tripod adapter assures convenient handling, and rechargeable batteries allow for 8 hours of uninterrupted use. The measuring instrument includes an internal memory for the storage of more than 4000 measured values, and an internal, automatically controlled recorder. Help menus, as well as date and time, appear at the display.

A sensor connector with extension cable for luminosity and luminance sensors, and a telescoping rod for a micro-climate sensor are optionally available. An ISO calibration certificate for the entire system assures overall quality and accuracy, especially due to the fact that the sensors and the measuring instrument are calibrated as a single system.

In addition to the basic instrument, the scope of delivery includes sensor adapters, a universal micro-climate sensor, an illuminance sensor, a sound level measuring probe with plastic shield and wind protector, a case, SoundLink LITE and SensorLink PRO PC software with interface cable, power pack, a charger with 6 batteries, a tripod adapter, operating instructions, a declaration of conformity and an ISO calibration certificate.

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