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Automatic import and evaluation of measured values acquired during system and equipment testing. System and equipment management with relevant test results stored to a database. Automatic generation of test reports in accordance with trade association recommendations.

PS3 supports the following test instruments:
PROFITEST-C, 0100xx and 204, METRISO C, all SECUTEST instruments and SECUSTAR FM.

The software is available in 3 degrees of extension:

PS3 GM (Z530E)
Basic module for report generating for all PROFITEST, SECUTEST and METRISO C test instruments

Same as PS3 GM but with ready-made deadline lists, results lists / reports for recurring tests including measured values from the last test for all PROFITEST and SECUTEST test instruments - lists and selections can be changed as desired, but cannot be saved to memory. [...more]

PS3 AM (Z531N) Same as PS3 GM but with
extensive scheduling - with calendar,
history of measured values - with diagramms,
storage of lists and selections to memory,
user created forms, forms in PDF format,
user created test sequences,
remote operation of the SECUTEST,
bidirectional data exchange with the SECUSTAR FM
and network capability

Additional Requirements for example
Follow-up on test deadlines, test data history, convenient evaluation and list generation right on up to complete object management (devices, buildings) with inventory management, work order processing, repairs management, document administration, client options and a network version are made possible with additional software modules.

Additional Modules
The following additional modules are available for easy management of large volumes of data:

Updates to PS3 AM (Z530S) - from PS3 AM Version 3 or 4
Updates to PS3 AM (Z530T) - from SE-Q.base or PC.base or PS3 compact, or PS3 GM

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