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Flicker Analysis

The MAVO-FSA function expands the MAVOWATT 45 to include a flickermeter function.
Flicker is defined as the subjective impression made by fluctuations in brightness at lighting appliances caused by
fluctuations in the power supply.
Fluctuations of this sort can be acquired and evaluated with the help of a flickermeter.
EN 61000-4-15 defines the basic functional principle of a flickermeter, which simulates the complex chain of events which takes place at the lamp, the eye and the brain, and which correlates measurement results to an experimentally determined limit value curve (perceptual limits).
Values for the resulting measured quantities, Pst (short-term flicker intensity, 10 min.) and Plt (long-term flicker intensity, 2 hours,) are simultaneously determined for all three phase voltages on an individual basis. An evaluation of line voltage quality as regards flicker can be carried out in accordance with EN 5016 based upon these measured values.
Furthermore, the function also acquires the largest relative voltage fluctuation (dmax) which occurs during the short-term measuring interval, relative constant voltage fluctuation (dc) and, for voltage changes of less than 3%, the maximum deviation duration (dt>3%).
These measured quantities are required for type testing for electrical devices per EN 61000-3-3.
Observance of the limit values set forth in this standard is required as of 1 January 2001 for application of the CE mark to electrical and electronic equipment and devices with input current of up to 16 A.

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